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Career Change? It Worked For Me!

Career Change? It Worked For Me!

I work in a job that challenges me every day. A job where I need to use my body and mind in equal measure. A job that benefits me hugely not just financially but in other ways too. It’s a job that allows me to bring my kids to school and collect them and be there for them, for homework, hearing about their day and to cook the dinner.

My job is one which puts me in touch with wonderful, inspirational people every day of the week.… Read more

Posted on February 6, 2018

CalmMama : Breathe, Relax, Birth

CalmMama : Breathe, Relax, Birth

Learn deep relaxation & hypnosis techniques for a calmer pregnancy and an undisturbed birth.

Calm Mama is a perfect way to help your body rest, relax, Prepare for birth and bring forth life.

Using breathing, visualisation and deep relaxation techniques, take a rest from the stresses and anxieties you may be feeling during pregnancy and in preparation for birth.

This workshop, suitable for any stage of your pregnancy, will help you gain an insight into how to use relaxation, breathing and hypnobirthing techniques in pregnancy and during birth.

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Posted on January 4, 2018

Preparing for Birth : Positive Birth Workshop for Partners

Preparing for Birth : Positive Birth Workshop for Partners

The birth of your baby is one of the most important moments of your life!

Make sure you and your partner are fully prepared and informed with our one-day, antenatal workshop.

This comprehensive antenatal course will pass on years of wisdom and experience and give a practical toolkit of techniques to mothers and their birth partners.

You Will Learn

Understanding the different stages of labour and their hallmarks

Labouring at home safely and comfortably

When is the right time to go to the hospital

Being a useful and calming birthing partner

Finding comfort and calm during labour and birth

Positions and breathing for all stages of labour and birth

What to expect in the hospital

How to reduce medical intervention and keep labour progressing

Protecting your perineum

Making informed choices in birth and feeling empowered during all stages

Included: 1 free prenatal yoga class – bring a partner to the workshop for free

If you would like any more information on our workshop please email us or contact us on 01 677 9859.… Read more

Posted on December 9, 2017

Family Food: Vegetarian Chilli without the Chilli

Family Food: Vegetarian Chilli without the Chilli

My kids LOVE this dinner when I accompany it with taco shells, sour cream, iceberg lettuce, mashed avocado with lemon and some grated cheese and just let them build their own tacos! Without the dairy accompaniments, this is a vegan dish.

The recipe works with whatever beans and vegetables you have in, so feel free to experiment!  Its a great way of getting veggies into the kids and for cutting down on meat, which might be perfect after Christmas indulgence!… Read more

Posted on October 15, 2017

The elbowroom Breastfeeding Workshop

The elbowroom Breastfeeding Workshop

A hands-on breastfeeding workshop for new mums.

Open to pregnant and new mums – As a mother, one of the best things that only you can do for your baby is to breastfeed. While breastfeeding isn’t the only option for feeding your baby, every mother has the potential to succeed and make it a wonderful experience. This course is a great preparation for succeeding in breastfeeding with real hands on experience.… Read more

Posted on October 4, 2017

Breastfeeding & Thrush

Breastfeeding & Thrush

Breastfeeding has been going really well, but all of a sudden your nipples are in agony. It seems as though it’s come out of nowhere and to the best of your knowledge you haven’t been doing anything differently to cause it.

It could be thrush!

Thrush is a fungal infection caused by candida or yeast, that occurs in the mucus membranes and/or the skin. It can be a real pain, literally, for both the breastfeeding mum and baby as it cross-infects from mum’s nipple to baby’s mouth and vice versa.… Read more

Posted on October 1, 2017