Eat Well, Look Good Course with Kevin Callan

The secret to young, glowing, healthy skin is a good diet, the secret to being fit, toned and healthy is a good diet, the secret to aging well is a good diet.  We have spent half our lives looking for the wonder pill that will transform us into beautiful gods + goddesses to find it all boils down to food!

We all want to eat healthier these days, especially if we want to look good for the Summer just around the corner! Why not join the elbowroom clinic’s resident naturopath and acupuncturist Kevin Callan for his 4 week Eat Well, Look Good course starting June 9th

Practical tips

Did you know that eating vitamin C rich foods such as peppers, guavas and rich leafy greens like kale, may help to ward off wrinkles and age related dryness.  Vitamin C’s skin-smoothing effects may be due to its ability to mop up free radicals produced from ultraviolet rays and also its role in collagen synthesis. (Vitamin C is essential for collagen production.)

If you still suffer from spotty skin, did you know that wheatgerm is highly nutritious and one of the richest sources of vitamin E, A and D. It also has a high content of proteins and lecithin. It helps a great deal in getting rid of skin irritation including skin dryness and cracking. If you want to get rid of pimples quickly and efficiently, make sure to include two or three tablespoons of nuts a day to your diet.

Women are at a greater risk than men of developing osteoporosis, so it’s important to get plenty of calcium to support your bone health. While dairy products are high in calcium, their animal fat and protein can accelerate bone loss. So also consider plant-based sources of calcium like beans, broccoli, kale, Brussels sprouts, and collard greens.

The carbohydrate debate.  You may think that they key to losing weight or avoiding weight gain is cutting out carbohydrates.  But carbs, like fats, are a vital part of a healthy diet. They give you the fuel you need to get through your day, fight fatigue, and stay feeling full. The key is to choose the right kinds of carbohydrates.  Good sources of complex carbs include whole grains such as whole grain brown rice, stone ground whole wheat, millet, or quinoa, as well as beans, other legumes, fruit, and vegetables.

Cut back on alcohol and caffeine. Notice we said cut back not cut out!  We know how important that cup of coffee or glass of wine can be for your mental well being.  Women who have more than two alcoholic drinks a day are at higher risk of osteoporosis. Caffeine consumption interferes with hormone levels and also increases the loss of calcium. Try to limit alcohol consumption to one glass a day and caffeine to one cup a day.

Learn more

The Course is designed to be done in a fun light-hearted way that doesn’t make you feel like you’re being punished! Healthy nutritious food doesn’t have to be bland, boring and horrible.  It should be full of flavour and spice and seasonal sweetness, eating it should transform those qualities to your skin and your body!

Warning side effects of a healthy diet may include, losing weight, having more energy, clear bright skin, shiny hair and feeling good.

Kevin’s course will discuss the healthy options supported by recent nutritional studies and help you make better food choices and keep your blood sugar levels regulated to prevent cravings.

Kevin’s comprehensive course also covers

  • Super foods, what are they and how to incorporate them.
  • 5 tips to success – how to keep on the healthy path.
  • Maximising digestion – Help bloating, digestive discomfort, heart burn, flatulence.
  • Stress management- Mood enhancers, foods and habits that increase stress
  • Cravings-Find out what makes us crave certain foods; particularly sweet foods. Learn how this effects portion control, mood, concentration and a range of other difficulties.
  • Learn why and how you are detoxing. It is this understanding that will encourage you to keep on some of the healthy eating patterns as new habits.

Have fun with other participants during the course!


What do our clients say?

‘Kevin was great. He really cares about what he’s doing which makes a huge difference. Also he was really generous with his time and by sharing the food he made up with us. I found Kevin and the course very reinforcing, supportive and motivating.
I was very happy with the results of the Detox course, I realised it’s not just detox but actually educating myself differently about food for health and making better choices. I already have recommended the course to my friends and family.’ Susan, January 2012

‘I enjoyed the advice on healthy eating and the recipes idead given by Kevin on the detox class. It gave very good ideas on how to eat healthy food that is tasty and cheap. It was very empowering in terms of finding a new approach to our own health. I got one of the books recommended by Kevin and I already tried a few recipes from it, it’s a very good source of ideas for easy and tasty food that is good for energy and overall well-being. The course was very good and Kevin is very helpful and answers all questions in a very kind and practical way.
I was happy with the result, though it is still a learning and ongoing process, so I don’t consider it as something finished but more as a new start and as a new skill I learned. I would definitely recommend it to friends.’
Marion, January 2012

About the author: Kevin Callan

Kevin Callan

Here is a little about me and what brought me to be working in this field of health care. I have always had a keen interest in holistic medicine. Both my parents used various types of alternative medicine to manage the families health and so I had first hand experience of the exciting possibilities offered by holistic and preventative medicine. Upon finishing secondary school I was accepted on to the UK’s first Degree program in Complementary Medicine. This was a Bachelor of Science degree in the Health Sciences at the University of Central Lancashire. The course provided me with a great foundation in all the Health Sciences e.g. Physiology, Biochemistry, Psychology, Counselling, Social sciences and Research techniques. During my studies I had a course of Acupuncture treatment for a health complaint and was hugely impressed by its effectiveness. I was primarily impressed by the sophistication of its diagnostic technique and its focus on using these insights to educate and empower the client to maximise their own health. After carrying out some research, I settled on the College of Naturopathic Medicine as my acupuncture school of choice. Not only did this school have an established reputation in the provision of excellent Traditional Chinese medicine training, but also provided training in the discipline of Naturopathic Medicine. I found this training to be a perfect compliment to my science degree. The combination of my training thus far, has given me a competent understanding of western medical diagnosis and treatment protocols. I believe this helps me to adapt the established approach of Acupuncture and Naturopathy to compliment western medical management of many conditions. As a natural medicine practitioner I feel my role is to give space and time for my clients to express any concerns that they might have and to truly relax. I am passionate that my clients should leave their consultation with a better understanding of what they can do to manage their condition and maximise their well being. Educating and empowering clients is for me, the cornerstone of preventative and holistic medicine. I hope to see you soon and wish you every health and happiness.

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