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The elbowroom have Dublin’s most comprehensive integrated health care clinic with all the practitioners you need – all under one roof.  Our approach is based on hands on support for physical and mental health with a focus on nutrition, lifestyle and exercise.

Following is a quote from the World Health Organization on their research with Acupuncture: "From the viewpoint of modern medicine, the principle action of acupuncture is to regulate the function of... read more

Aromatherapy is the practice of using the natural oils extracted from flowers, bark, stems, leaves, roots or other parts of a plant to enhance psychological and physical well-being. It is used for... read more

WHAT IS BE ACTIVATED? Be Activated is a system that addresses muscle imbalance and function. Developed by South African Physiotherapist and Kinesiologist Douglas Heel, and used by therapists,... read more

Traditionally in Asia, acupuncture is carried out in a room with multiple beds. This allows for treatment costs to be kept to a minimum so that it is more accessible. Furthermore some conditions... read more

Craniosacral Therapy, or CST as it is sometimes called, is a very gentle hands-on approach to releasing tensions from the soft tissue of the body, and restrictions to the cranial bones (head) and the... read more

Clinical trials have shown homeopathy can be used to treat almost any illness for which you would normally visit your GP. Homeopathic remedies can be safely taken in conjunction with conventional... read more

Massage treatments benefit the body and mind in a variety of ways. In response to these treatments, specific physiological, emotional and chemical changes cascade throughout the body, with profound... read more

Naturopathy or Nature Cure is underpinned by the fundamental principle of the healing power of nature. 25 centuries ago Hippocrates said ”Health is the expression of a harmonious balance between... read more

Stresses and strains can accumulate over time and symptoms may begin somewhat insidiously. The Osteopath works with structural imbalances that are present in the body to restore a state of physical... read more

Physical Therapy is a hands-on healthcare, providing a client-centred approach in the field of musculoskeletal health. It is concerned with identifying the underlying factors causing pain and... read more

Physiotherapy helps you restore your body back to its normal condition following an accident, illness or injury. It focuses primarily on improving the condition and subsequent function of the... read more

There are manifold benefits to pregnancy massage. Not just are you spending some well deserved time treating yourself, but prenatal massage can be a great help. One of the major benefits is how... read more

About Psychotherapy at The elbowroom: The elbowroom’s psychotherapy services offers a safe and secure environment for clients of all ages who may be experiencing difficulties in their lives.... read more

Reflexology is suitable for all ages and throughout every stage of life. This gentle therapy may bring relief from a wide range of both acute and chronic conditions. Reflexology has been shown to be... read more

Rolfing is a treatment process developed in the middle of the 20th century by a Ida Pauline Rolf. Often described as cross between physiotherapy and massage, the focus is on the clients posture,... read more

Whether you are injured, in pain or just mysteriously performing below standard, relax - you’re in the right place. If your focus is on achieving peak performance, you’re going to feel right at... read more

The elbowroom has an extensive range of classes for all ages and abilities. We offer such an eclectic mix to enable you to find something that will suit you. If you need any advice, please contact our class advisor who can point you in the right direction.