Ciarán Aherne

Ciarán Aherne

Ciarán Aherne BSc, BA, MIAPT completed his BSc in physical therapy in the Institute of Physical Therapy in Milltown, Dublin. He is a member of the Irish Association of Physical Therapists and has a certificate in massage therapy.

Ciarán uses a range of manual techniques and “hands-on” therapy to assist rehabilitation from musculoskeletal injuries, back and neck pain, postural problems, sprains/strains and sports injuries among other issues. Treatments are individually tailored and can include; myofascial trigger-point release, deep tissue massage, mobilisation of the spine and specific exercise prescription. Ciarán has treated people from a variety of sporting backgrounds such as, basketball, soccer, Gaelic football and hockey.

Prior to his physical therapy studies Ciarán completed a degree in Leisure and Recreation Management and has worked extensively with athletes involved in the Special Olympics.

Mary Barrett

Mary Barrett

Mary Barrett BA. Rel. Sc. and Education, BA Psychology, MA Counselling and Psychotherapy, Dip. Special Ed., Cert. Mindfulness, PSI

“If you allow yourself to be the person you are then everything else will come into rhythm” John O’Donoghue

I have always had an interest in how people think, feel, behave and learn. This drew me towards the area of psychology, which in turn drew me towards counselling and psychotherapy.

My experience has taught me of the importance of viewing each person as an individual despite their presenting issue. I use an integrative approach drawing on a variety of theories and techniques including person centred, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Motivational Interviewing and psychodynamic techniques.

I believe counselling to be a treatment where each counselling session is a safe and regular space for a person to think and talk about themselves and the world they live in.

We are all capable of solving our own problems and finding our own peace of mind. Sometimes we need to understand why we are feeling, thinking or behaving in a certain way. Life can throw situations our way which may seem unmanageable; my aim as a counsellor is to support each person as they gain an insight and understanding into these difficulties, while also supporting them as they make any changes needed to make themselves feel better. It is a privilege to be present in a process where people bring about real changes in their lives.

Counselling can provide support for a wide variety of issues including;

  • Depression
  • Postnatal Depression
  • Anxiety/Panic Attacks
  • Grief, bereavement and loss
  • Addiction
  • Relationship difficulties/breakdown
  • Suicide
  • Self harm
  • Abuse – sexual, physical, emotional
  • Coping with disability
  • Self-esteem
  • Redundancy
  • Post – traumatic stress and trauma

“Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything” George Bernard Shaw

Fran Buckley

Fran Buckley

Fran Buckley Dip. Counselling & Psychotherapy, Cert. in Counselling Skills

My journey to become a psychotherapist began with my own personal experiences where I discovered how powerful Psychotherapy can be. I was always interested in how people feel and think, and because of this I decided to volunteer with a depression help line which drew me towards counselling and psychotherapy.

I began my studies in NUI Maynooth where I completed a certificate in counselling skills. I went on to study and qualify as a Psychotherapist from the Tivoli Institute of Psychotherapy in Dun Laoghaire.

I have worked with people with a wide range of issues such as;

  • Depression
  • Low self-esteem
  • Grief, bereavement & loss
  • Anxiety
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Emotional, physical & sexual abuse
  • Perinatal & post natal mental & emotional wellbeing

I have a particular interest in how past experiences in our lives can continue to influence present experiences and beliefs and I work in an integrative and humanistic way.

I have considerable experience in the caring profession and my wish is to provide a safe, confidential non-judgemental space where people can explore their thoughts, feelings and emotions.

I work to IACP code of ethics while engaging in continuous on-going professional development and supervision.


Kevin Callan

Kevin Callan

Kevin Callan B.Sc. Dip.Ac. Dip. N.D. M.A.F.P.A. is a highly qualified and experienced natural medicine practitioner.

He is a member of the Acupuncture Foundation Professional Association. He uses a combination of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, Chinese herbs, nutrition, naturopathy, cupping and massage to effectively treat a variety of conditions.

With a special interest in Fertility support, IVF/ IUI support, pregnancy care, pain management, stress and anxiety and digestive complaints, Kevin has been in clinical practice for 9 years. During this time he has continued to study under experts in the area of fertility, cosmetic acupuncture, cancer care, pain management and electroacupuncture. He is currently undertaking a post graduate diploma in traditional Chinese medicine for gynaecology and fertility under Dr. Trevor Wing.

Kevin helps deliver the Foundation Yoga Teacher Training here at The elbowroom. He also conducts his own healthy eating and stress management courses. They have been run on site in businesses such as Enterprise Ireland, The Law Library, Blaneyblades community group and regularly in his own clinics.

Una Cashin

Una Cashin

Una Cashin – M.I.R.I. dip Reflexology, Dip Aromatherapy C.I.M.I. 
Reflexologist, Aromatherapist, Pregnancy Massage Therapist, Massage Therapist, Infant Massage Instructor.  I have trained with several schools of reflexology and use a South African method which combines knowledge of meridian theory and reflexology to get the best results. I have been working with reflexology since 2001.

Reaching a high standard of expertise, I was privileged to have worked on both the board of the Irish Reflexologists’ Institute and Reflexology in Europe Network. With my adult education teaching certificate I plan to teach reflexology in the future.

Reflexology sparked my interest in massage and I have been studying different massage methods including Indian Head massage, Thai massage, Deep tissue/ remedial massage, Myofascial release techniques. But my love is really aromatherapy I am constantly astounded by the efficacy of the essential and base oils for numerous conditions. What can I say it keeps me healthy and looking young and fabulous.

Over the years I have been very lucky to teach massage techniques, more recently I have been really enjoying teaching Infant massage to mums.  seeing the fascination and delight on the babies faces every week is just joyful!


Mags Fitzgerald

Mags Fitzgerald

Mags Fitzgerald B.Sc. (Hons), Lic I.S.H., ISHom, MIACST, CST-T, CSTP

Craniosacral therapist and homeopath

My career started in the Financial Services sector working in Wall Street in New York and the I.F.S.C. in Dublin.

A yearning for something new lead me to reiki in 2002 and I became a reiki Master.  I noticed a big change in my ability to focus my energy. I was far more productive and happier in my own skin.  The ‘grounding’ element of reiki was transformative for me.

In 2005 I enrolled in the Irish School of Homoeopathy training college. Four years later in June 2009 I graduated as a licensed homeopath. I then completed a 2 year CPD (Continuous Professional Development) program with the Irish Society of Homeopaths to become a registered practitioner.

For me it felt like I had finally come home when I started my craniosacral therapy training. It is so heart-centered and sacred. Every time I place my hands on a client I feel so privileged. To work with the body and communicate with it, has been an amazing and enlightening journey. I am a registered member of the Irish Association of Craniosacral Therapists and also a Committee Member.

“As a therapist, it is what you are that heals, not what you do. For this reason I take my own self-healing very seriously.”

Mags Fitzgerald

Caitriona Foley

Caitriona Foley

Caitriona Foley (B.A.),(DB.A),(JEB), Certified Rolfer from the European Rolfing Association

Caitriona has over 6 years Rolfing experience in a clinical practice. She has extensive technical expertise in anatomy, physiology, psychology, movement practice and postural realignment.

Caitriona treats a wide variety of musculoskeletal complaints including backache, neck pain, pregnancy related pains, all types of joint or muscle injuries alongside sporting injures. She has worked with clients to address issues related to trauma, car accidents, post – operative pain, sports injuries repetitive strain injury and habitual bad posture.

Bev Porrino

Bev Porrino

I qualified as a Registered Nurse in 1987 and some years later I took a sideways move into Social Work where I was employed as Operations Manager and a Practice Teacher for Social Work Students.  In the summer of 1999, a conversation over a pizza and a beer brought about an incredible life change that wasn’t exactly planned, I left my career and moved to Amsterdam, opened a company, BLP Wellness Consultancy. I taught yoga and fitness classes, designed  and delivered in-house training and education for a chain of gyms and eventually went on to open Amstel Yoga Lounge. In 2014 I trained in a concept called Be Activated Techniques, Designed by South African Physiotherapist, Douglas Heel.

After struggling with a long term hip and shoulder injury, ‘Being Activated’ made a massive shift in my wellbeing. I learned how my body had been compensating for my injury and how that in turn had led to more problems. Be Activated literally reset my nervous system and  awakened my kinetic chain and my spirit. I use Be Activated  in a clinical practice and also in group settings and I teach people how to do it on themselves. Self Activation is an empowering tool for managing your own health.

In addition to the above, I’m studying Neuromuscular Therapy. I’m a yoga teacher, a writer and I truly love my work.

Sam Taylor

Sam Taylor

Sam Taylor is a fully qualified Chinese medical practitioner using acupuncture, Chinese herbs,cupping, moxa and reiki as a form of natural medicine and healing. She is registered with the ACOI and abides by their strict code of ethics

“I have always been interested in natural healing and self-discovery, and so I found myself going for my first acupuncture session in 2006. To be honest, I really didn’t know much about it other than the obvious, and so after my initial consultation process, I lay on the plinth as the practitioner gently placed very fine sterile needles in different positions along my body. The sensation was like nothing else id ever experienced before. I found myself taking a deep sigh as my body released tension I never knew I had! At the time i didn’t know what the needles were doing, but I was sure it was something good. I knew immediately that I was hooked. So here I am, 10 years later, literally ‘practicing what I preach’! “

Chinese medicine is a holistic medicine dating back 3,000 years and is practically unchanged. It works through 12 channels, called meridians, which run through the body and branch out to connect to the body’s organs and their bodily functions. The meridians are activated through acupuncture points around the body and they work to help the body achieve its natural state of homeostasis (this refers to the bodies ability to regulate its environment and maintain internal balance). All diseases involve a disturbance of homeostasis, and nearly all diseases involve some degree of pain, discomfort or inflammation and that’s why acupuncture, together with moxa, cupping, Chinese herbs and some lifestyle changes can be very effective for so many conditions.

The first session with Sam will involve a thorough consultation process where she will ask questions about the clients symptoms, lifestyle, digestion, sleep, emotions and much more. She will read your pulse and view your tongue to help confirm her diagnosis. From this she will evaluate a treatment plan and discuss lifestyle choices so the client can contribute to the healing process and start to improve their quality of life immediately.

Sam likes to treat the whole person, physically, mentally and emotionally. Her treatments are very effective for a wide range of conditions, from anxiety and depression to skin conditions or autoimmune diseases.


Jonathan Wills

Jonathan Wills

Jonathan Wills. M.Ost, ND, DO is one of the few osteopaths in Ireland with a masters in osteopathic medicine.

He studied at the world renowned British College of Osteopathic Medicine which takes a naturopathic, whole-body approach to osteopathy. In this course he also studied visceral osteopathy which aims to treat the viscera/organs of the body via an osteopathic approach. This is an area of medicine which is gaining more and more popularity as people realise that the body has to work as a whole unit and that all the body’s systems are interconnected.

Jonathan’s career in health started in his training as a gym instructor, then as a personal trainer, then as a sports therapist prior to studying osteopathic medicine. He has taught fitness classes around Dublin and has been recruited several times to teach the Joseph System of Foot Mobilisation to podiatrist and chiropodists directly working with Brian Joseph.

Jonathan uses a combination of soft-tissue techniques, myofascial work, joint manipulations and mobilisations, visceral techniques and many more to get your body functioning normally again.

‘A personable approach, empathy for his patients and a proven track record of patient improvement’ ensures that you are in good hands with Jonathan.

Lisa Wilkinson

Lisa Wilkinson

I left the corporate world in a blaze of glory 15 years ago after reading the idiots guide to managing stress. Idea Number 32 said – if everything else fails run away. And that is what I did. After being a director of marketing strategy for one of Irelands most profitable start up tech businesses, I ran away to teach yoga in the Bahamas.

Now I am a mum to Tuilelaith and Sean first and foremost. They are my pride and joy. I do however love working. And I love The elbowroom. I am very proud of what my amazing team have accomplished over the years and wish to share that with you.

My speciality is working with families. Through pregnancy, birth and child development. Using yoga, workshops and individual therapies I have worked with hundreds of families over the last 13 years.

The rest of my time is spent mothering 40 plus staff and teachers, being a yoga teacher, Pilates teacher, Cranio sacral therapist, Pregnancy yoga teacher, Teacher Trainer, Doula, Crochet Queen and playing the cello …badly.

Lee Ní Chinneide

Lee Ní Chinneide

Homeopath LicISH, ISHom. Lee graduated from the Irish School of Homeopathy in 2004.

She also has a diploma in anatomy and physiology and pathology and disease. Lee has run a full time homeopathic practice for the past 6 years in both Dublin and Galway. Lee, the proud mother of 4 children who have been raised on homeopathy, specialises in the treatment of fertility, pregnancy, birth and children, but also has a broad general practice. Lee acts as a mentor for the Irish Society of Homeopathy with whom she is a registered member. She also runs regular courses in homeopathy for the lay person helping to empower people to treat themselves and their families for first aid and emergency situations.

The elbowroom has an extensive range of classes for all ages and abilities. We offer such an eclectic mix to enable you to find something that will suit you. If you need any advice, please contact our class advisor who can point you in the right direction.