Mini Jam Music & Movement for Toddlers & Kids

Music & Movement is for toddlers and parents. Use rhythmic song and dance to benefit your child’s development. Physical movement helps balance, coordination, self-esteem and body awareness. Movement and gestures associated with music also help your children absorb ideas and enhance memory. Musically, children will discover an understanding of rhythm and beat by exploring different instruments.

Suitable for children who are walking steadily up to 3.5 years old, Megan’s 7 week courses establishes and reinforce the beginnings of academic concepts such as counting, colours and the alphabet. Check out a class on the link below.


Fun ways to help development

Mini Jam toddler classes use finger and hand action songs to teach them links between numbers said and beating seen (as fingers). Rhythmic games with counting sounds and instrumental play enforce these ideas with repetition.

Time spent with your toddler is easily educational if you hold up finger numbers during general conversation. Look! 2 birds! How many carrots are on your plate? 1, 2, or 3? Hold up fingers for each number said.

Freeze dance with toddlers is a good exercise in listening and in following direction to FREEZE. The runaway toddler will learn that this instruction can be fun. Parents can benefit by having this safety word be less about demand and more about cooperation.

Games with different types of movement are good at challenging toddlers and developing coordination. Start with one movement and then add in a second. It’s tricky! Swing your arms and stomp your feet. Hands on your head and walk on tip toe. Bring colour into the games.

When I say RED, put your hands on your HEAD. When I say BLUE, touch your SHOE. When I say GREEN, Wash your face CLEAN. This one is particularly useful at home as a game after dinner when it’s time to wash up. They might decide to do it themselves!

Kids will use a parachute to experience big movements and about working together as a group. The results of working together makes the parachute bigger and more exciting.


We have separate age groups for classes ensuring toddlers get as much enjoyment from their class as possible whilst the babies will be able to participate fully in their class.

1 child / 5 weeks €40.00
*2 children / 5 weeks €54.00
*3 children / 5 weeks €70.00

Babies under 5 months free (older babies will be happier in the Baby Jam class)



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