Mum & Baby Yoga

Mum & Baby Yoga

The first year is very important in the bonding of mother and baby. Women get precious little time to sit and enjoy motherhood in relaxing surroundings! Postnatal yoga with babies is a great opportunity for mothers to spend time with their babies, enjoying their development and watching the changes unfold.

Furthermore, women can feel a sense of isolation after having a baby and meeting as a group with others can give a great sense of companionship. Mothers are also keep to try and regain their shape and bring back pelvic tone.

Carrying and feeding babies along with interrupted sleep can play havoc with a mothers wellbeing so taking the opportunity to address their needs in a post natal class can be of huge benefit.

During this module, you will learn about the specifics of a postnatal mother, whether she gave birth naturally or had a medical intervention. You will learn how to improve and alleviate postnatal problems and help start working on their core muscles.

The module will also show how a mother can engage her baby in yoga asanas and do some basic yoga moves with her baby and includes: Post natal anatomy Infant development Post natal specific... read more

Lisa Wilkinson As course director I have been working as a birthing educator for over 5 years. I have trained with many renowned teachers including Michele Odent the pioneering French... read more

To apply for any course please see Application Form section. All students will need to complete Module I - V in order to continue to the post natal teacher training course. Bookings are now being... read more

It is compulsory to have successfully completed the prenatal teacher training course modules I - V in order to continue on to the mum and baby course.   Contact Moya here for more... read more

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