Anyone who is going to come into contact with pregnant women or couples during

their professional lives will take much away from this course. To better understand

and help women achieve a better birth it is vital to understand the physiological,

emotional and anatomical changes that take place in order to birth a baby. Individual

professions (including motherhood) will benefit from this informative, enjoyable

and lively journey.

For Yoga Teachers

For Midwives

For Doulas

For Mothers

For Therapists

For Yoga Teachers

Being able to teach a class in a safe and enjoyable manner help you keep

a large client base. However, being a mine of information and an inspiration

to them can really make a difference in how they experience birth. Midwives

always comment on how mothers using yoga as a birth preparation are able to

focus and deal with most of what labour can throw at them.

In this course we go beyond that. We teach you how to get a woman to believe

in herself, in her body and trust the best birth for her baby is the one where

she is in charge. We address the fears she may experience directly and provide

ideas for her to cope with those fears and find a way around them. If you

have little experience of birth in a hospital environment, we will open your

eyes into how the system works and how your mothers can best navigate around

this system.

So, go beyond yoga, relaxation and breath work and bring a wealth of knowledge

to your teaching. You will really make a difference to your mothers.

For Midwives

You may meet many mothers during your career. Some you may remember, some

will seem like a distant blurred memory. The important thing is – they will

never forget you.

The number of physiological normal labours some midwives get to attend

can be incredibly low. We have found that newly qualified midwives may have

never experienced one during their training. You may work in a unit that

practices active management of labour or be supervised by someone who supports

it. In your heart if you think that this is wrong, this course may just

be for you.

Take the opportunity to step back from the medicalisation of birth and

see the wonder and hear the stories of how empowering and achievable a natural

birth can be in a hospital. This course will provide you with skills to

use antenatally, during early labour, the throws of labour and postnataly.


  • Improve antenatal education
  • Learn group teaching skills
  • Learn and practice pain coping techniques
  • See how language affects women in labour and learn to empower through your


  • Show a woman how fantastically her body works
  • Try out different positions for all stages of labour
  • Discover massage, counter pressure and acupressure techniques
  • Learn how to teach medical interventions in a compassionate way and help

    parents take control of decisions in labour

  • Find a plethora of ways to avoid mothers getting an epidural
  • Learn to relax and stay calm when under duress
  • Make a difference – one mother at a time

For Doulas

Whether you are experienced in assisting mothers or new to it, this course

will consolidate your existing knowledge about the importance of unmanaged

birth. Get to meet midwives, and learn how they experience birth in hospitals

and how you can work together. As a doula, with this course you have the fantastic

opportunity to give your mothers & fathers, great antenatal education.

Improve the quality of that education by getting as much information yourself

and learning different ways to teach that knowledge.

Lisa has been assisting births for nearly 3 years now and has worked in all

the dublin area hospitals. She has great tips for how to work within the system

without antagonising it. Lisa has the utmost respect for midwives and believes

that doulas need to network with them to gain a better understanding of their

issues. See the section for midwives on what you may benefit from, and specifically

the course will help:

  • Work better with mothers

    and fathers

  • Provide detailed information regarding medical interventions and empower

    them to use their knowledge in birth

  • Learn how to relax mothers (and fathers) and reduce adrenalin production
  • Work within the hospital system sympathetically
  • Empower mothers and partners to expect the best service but to be prepared

    for a scenario where this might not be the case

  • Learn how to relax in the face of adversity
  • Learn practical pain coping techniques and when they may be necessary
  • Learn some alternative therapies for pregnancy and birth

For Mothers

Some of our students have been mothers. Not yoga teachers or birth professionals

but mothers who have had an experience of birth that has made them determined

to help others or themselves. Some mothers have had both positive and negative

experiences of birth and wish to help other mothers get the best from their

birth from a deep understanding of the importance it has in a womans life.

All of these mothers have made a massive contribution to our courses and

we welcome them.

It maybe that you wish to start teaching others or just get a better understanding

for yourself. Perhaps your birth didn’t go according to plan and you feel

with better preparation, things may have been different. Our instructors

differ in their birth experiences, one had a home birth, the other had a

planned home birth but transferred for an emergency section. We have experience

from both ends of the system.

If you have never taught before, the course will grow these skills and

studio provides an opportunity to observe and assist in classes to build

your confidence. We find mothers make some of the best teachers, so please

join us if you wish to experience this birth journey with a group of like

minded people.

For Therapists

Many of you will already be working with pregnant woman. Some of you want

to but feel you don’t have enough experience of labour and birth to understand

to feel confident to bring it into your professional practice. We have been

working in the studio over the last 6 years with homeopaths, reflexologists,

acupuncturists, osteopaths, chiropractors, physio therapists, massage therapists,

shiatsu practitioners and many more. These therapists have helped pregnant

woman with a whole gamut of problems or just plain helped them to relax

and treat themselves.

If you do work with pregnant women and are planning to, this course will

help you become a wealth of information to help them in pregnancy, birth

and beyond. Who knows, you may even expand your proffesional practice to

start teaching yoga and empowerment.

The elbowroom has an extensive range of classes for all ages and abilities. We offer such an eclectic mix to enable you to find something that will suit you. If you need any advice, please contact our class advisor who can point you in the right direction.