The elbowroom Stress Clinic Programme

The elbowroom clinic stress clinic offers a comprehensive diagnostic and stress management service. Chose from our BASIC or PLUS package to get a clinical diagnosis of your current stress. This programme runs in conjunction with our partner in the UK, a global leader in functional laboratory testing. Once we have your results, together we can action a plan for change.

Stress is an everyday part of being alive.  However when it reaches a certain level it can begin to have a detrimental effect on our ability to enjoy full health.  There comes a point when, either due to its intensity or duration, stress can begin to take its toll on the functioning of the adrenal glands.

The hormones produced by the adrenal glands are central to numerous functions in the body. When the adrenal glands become fatigued many seemingly unrelated symptoms can begin to present.

How do you know if stress has taken over your life?

Do any of these seem familiar to you?

  • You feel tired when you wake up in the morning – even if you’ve supposedly had a good night’s sleep
  • You can’t stay awake in the evenings
  • You have trouble falling asleep and/or staying asleep
  • You feel both wired and exhausted
  • If you stop and sit for a few minutes you suddenly feel completely exhausted
  • You frequently struggle with diarrhoea, indigestion or other digestive problems
  • You have a tendency to gain weight around your waistline
  • You can’t tolerate exercise the way you used to
  • You feel unwell most of the time or you often come down with a lot of little things – colds, flu, infections
  • You always feel cold
  • You have frequent headaches
  • You retain water
  • You have dark circles under your eyes
  • You can’t make it through the day without frequent infusions of coffee or sugary starchy snacks
  • You are irritable and quick to lose your temper
  • You feel listless, depressed or emotionally numb
  • You have trouble concentrating or feel mentally foggy
  • Everything seems like a chore
  • Your sex drive is low
  • You frequently have nightmares

Some of the contributing factors of poor adrenal function include stress, poor diet, acute or chronic illness, or overreliance on stimulants.

The elbowroom Clinic a multi-disciplinary stress clinic programme.

Firstly we will carry out a simple but specialised Adrenal test designed to reveal how well your adrenal glands are coping.  We will then put together a diet and lifestyle package which supports you in your recovery from stress so you can return to robust energy levels and resilience.  This package may include naturopathy acupuncture, yoga, meditation and psychotherapy.

How does the programme work?

A word before we begin.  Stress is caused by a multitude of factors.  When it reaches the level of affecting your health in the way outlined in the above symptom list, it can be difficult to implement changes in lifestyle without losing heart.  Here at the Elbowroom we are very aware of that and will set out a plan that is individual to your needs and constraints so that you feel best supported to gradually implement the life changes that will help you get the most from your health.

Initial Consultation:
In the first consultation, our experts can help you decide which of the programme packages below is best for you.We take your full history in order to assess any factors past and present which might be contributing to your stress.  This will be a holistic look at your life covering physical, mental and emotional spheres. This will give a clear picture of  the best complete plan to support you back to full health.  We will also cover how to carry out the Adrenal Stress Test, a simple salivary test that evaluates the bioactive levels of the body’s important stress hormones, cortisol and DHEA. This test (and its profile results) serves as an important tool for uncovering biochemical imbalances underlying anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue and a host of other clinical conditions.

Second Visit:
We will have assessed the results of your salivary test and will talk through the results with you. Armed with the results of your test we will then be able to work out the most cost effective and supportive plan for you. This will definitely involve diet and lifestyle adjustments and may include some nutritional and herbal supplements that are designed to support your recovery in the short term.  There will also be exercise and relaxation recommendations put in place so that you can over time learn more productive stress management techniques..

Third Visit:
After a few weeks of working with your new more balanced lifestyle, we will have one final consultation with you to assess how you are managing your stress levels and to provide long term solutions to your stress issues.

Optional Extras of the Stress Programme:
There is an optional fourth visit in this series of treatments for any of the following:
•    2 Acupuncture sessions to help with anxiety and stressful emotions
•    A Psychotherapy session to help pinpoint underlying causes of stress
•    A Stress management session of relaxation and mediation techniques for those stressful days!
•    4 Yoga or Pilates classes to help you cope with the everyday stresses in a calming and relaxed environment

Clinical stress management BASIC package:

  • Initial consult €75
  • Diagnostic test kit £75 STG
  • Follow up analysis and stress management plan €75

Clinical stress management package PLUS:

  • Initial consult €75
  • Diagnostic test kit £75 STG
  • Follow up analysis and stress management plan €75 Plus one or more of the following:
  • Two 30 minute Acupuncture sessions: €60
  • Psychotherapy session: €50
  • Stress Management Session (includes identifying stressors, task managements skills and mindfulness techniques) : €50
  • 4 Class Pass for Yoga or Pilates class: €56

Special Introductory Offer!!  Confirm your three sessions by May 31st and get 10% off



About the author: Lisa Wilkinson

Lisa Wilkinson

Lisa opened The elbowroom in Feburary 2003. A mother to Tuilelaith and Sean, director of The elbowroom and with a crew of over 35 staff, she is a busy bee. Lisa leads a team committed to bringing health and vitality to all of our clients. Lisa currently teaches in our yoga training programs, yoga, pregnancy yoga and mum and baby yoga. Lisa works hard in developing healthy food choices in our cafe Graze. She specialises paediatric and pregnancy with workshops, Yoga Therapy and Craniosacral Therapy.

The elbowroom has an extensive range of classes for all ages and abilities. We offer such an eclectic mix to enable you to find something that will suit you. If you need any advice, please contact our class advisor who can point you in the right direction.

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