Prana Flow – Yoga Workshop with Bev Porrino

Prana Flow – Yoga Workshop with Bev Porrino
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***Please note the “event has passed” message above is an error on our website. This workshop is on from 12pm-2pm on Sunday 31st July as planned.***

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How Prana Flows:  The word ‘Prana’ in yoga, means life-force, or vitality. In other words our energy.

There are five Prana’s and each have a specific function. The first is called Prana and is dedicated to our oxygen flow. The second, Apana, is the energy flow between our hips and our feet. The third, Vyana, feeds the nervous system while the fourth, Udana, flows between the head and the heart. The fifth Samana thrives when our body is nourished.

Prana flows through thousands of energy channels within us This workshop will concentrate on opening the three main Nadis. These are called Ida Nadi, Pingala Nadi and Sushumna.

We will begin with a breathing exercise called Nadi Shodhana this will prepare us for our physical practice which opens with a slow, rhythmic, flowing, vinyasa. This will incorporate methodical movements designed to bring a mindful consciousness to your physical body.

There will be plenty of options for people experiencing a low energy day, and progressions for those of you who wish to keep moving.

The workshop will end on a restorative note, bringing balance and gentleness to the rest of your day and longer…Be strong, stretched and centred.

About the author: Bev Porrino

Bev Porrino

My early career involved strutting the halls of numerous institutes, initially as a nurse then in Social work and while I have no plans to step back into those arenas I am grateful that I experienced the world through a wider lens because of them. In 1999 I moved to Amsterdam where I designed and delivered in-house education for a chain of gyms. I wrote a couple of books, numerous articles for Men’s Health and other magazines. I learned the craft of script writing and eventually went on to open Amstel Yoga Lounge, a boutique-style studio specialising in yoga and food workshops. In 2012 I relocated to Dublin and found The elbowroom. They let me make soup and gave me some classes and a place to hang out. I'm a teacher of yoga and pilates. I’m a writer and a Be Activated - Neuromuscular practitioner and I am smitten with the gritty city of Dublin and it’s eloquent and friendly inhabitants.

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