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Talking Mum & Baby Yoga with Melissa Curtis

We’re sitting having a chat with Melissa Curtis talking about her classes, why she loves Mum and Baby yoga and her experience of being a mum and a yoga teacher. Q: How did you start teaching Mum and Baby yoga? I started to teach Mum and Baby yoga after I realised my pregnancy yoga students needed a follow-on, […]

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Heart Wide Open Yoga Workshop with Susie Murray

Many of us who set intentions for the coming year often find those resolutions slipping from our grasp. Renew that enthusiasm through this heart opening and back bending workshop which is designed to help you step out of your comfort zone and explore your fullest potential by releasing your hearts to every desire you have. […]

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A Special Invite

The elbowroom team is delighted to invite you to the opening of our exciting new venture Yin & Tonic this Friday evening (12th January) at 7pm. Relax and chill in our inviting community space and sample our new menu designed to boost your health and wellbeing. Our Specialities include a selection of healthy supercharged kava, superfood […]

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Singing lessons – Pitch Perfect! with Cat Dowling

  Pitch Perfect singing lessons!  The emphasis of this music class is on fun, confidence building, finding our voice, teamwork, appreciation of music, learning rhythms and sounds and performance. There will be a performance to parents of one song per month. There will be instruments! We will run two groups for different age groups – […]

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Rolfing: Easing Scar Tissue Discomfort Through Massage

A few words from our resident Rolfing therapist, Caitriona Foley In my time as a Rolfer, I have seen many clients who have had their appendix removed.  This often occurs in childhood or during their teenage years. This obviously is a very necessary operation and is often life-saving. But sometimes there can be unexpected side […]

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5 Myths & Misconceptions About Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is a very common condition, with 80% of adults experiencing it at some point in their lives. However, despite the high prevalence, low back pain is rarely serious and much can be done by patients to self-manage the condition. Pilates or physical therapy is a great way to help and prevent back issues. […]

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Caught a winter cold? 6 tips to help beat it

Our resident Acupuncturists Gregg Hartnett & Sam Taylor have 6 great tips to help beat those winter coughs and colds. ‘Many of our clients are turning up with colds and flu in the last week. Some of them have an existing medical condition and because of this, it’s even more important to shift these irritating infections quicker. And let’s be honest, none of […]

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