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Your waters have broken: Let a sanitary towel be your friend

In this post we look at how you look after yourself and your baby when your waters break before labour starts. What is amniotic fluid? Protective water around your baby inside the membrane sac. After 20 weeks it is mostly produced by the babies kidneys – Yes its wee. It’s straw coloured with flex of […]

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Rehearsing Labour : Harness the power of your breath

I’m a great believer in working with women to provide practical and effective ways to ride the waves of labour. There are many things we can practice before birth to give us the best opportunity for a more physiologically normal birth. Don’t ever underestimate the power of breath and relaxation and the best preparation for […]

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Can Reflexology help fight stress?

Given the times we’re living in stress has become an endemic part of our lives. Many of us are looking to traditional and non-traditional approaches to reduce our stress levels. Stress has become a factor in more scientific studies. Researchers have discovered that the more stress, anger and sadness someone experiences the less adept their […]

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  Naturopathy at The elbowroom Naturopathy is for people who are ready to take control of their wellbeing and are willing to do the work to make changes that will benefit their health now and into the future. It’s a medicine of empowerment and of self-healing. Working with plant medicine, nutrition, sleep hygiene, lifestyle medicine, […]

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200hr online Slow Flow Myofascial Yoga teacher training with Susan Church

This 200hr Foundation Yoga Teacher Training places an emphasis on Teaching Methodologies and style, ensuring students have access to real-world techniques for sharing the magic of Yoga with their students. The course will run part time over 12 months, The structure is as follows – Wednesday evenings (starting end March 2021 – Feb 2022, 33 […]

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Lower Back & Hip Mobilisation Workshop with Joseph Devlin

Lower Back & Hip Mobilisation Workshop Participants will continue to deepen their relationships to the Lumbar Spine, Pelvic Girdle & Hip Joints & begin to develop a pain-free relationship with their own bodies using simple techniques that can be applied at home or shared in a class environment. Physical Therapist & Movement physiology teacher Joseph […]

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Free Advanced Pregnancy Training Workshop & Open Day

As part of our upcoming series of advanced pregnancy yoga teacher training modules spring 2019, we are hosting a FREE workshop with Ireland’s leading perinatal instructors and trailblazers – Lisa Wilkinson and Melissa Curtis, who will deliver a 30 min workshop on ‘How to truly support a woman facing a C-section delivery’. With C-section deliveries […]

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New Moon In Capricorn with Martha Ryan

Each month we are affected by a different kind of lunar energy beyond the waning and waxing between darkness into light. The full moon is a time of manifestation, fruition and forgiveness however that can only happen once intentions have been set under the influence of the New Moon – this is where the real […]

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