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Yoga Teacher Training – who is it for and why

Discover the Path to Transformation Have you ever considered deepening your yoga practice or exploring a new career path? Life is a journey, and sometimes we may feel stuck or in need of something transformative. Our Yoga Teacher Training offers a path of self-development and self-discovery, opening doors to new possibilities. Embarking on teacher training […]

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Connect with the heart – Cacao Ceremony

What is a Cacao Ceremony? This sacred Cacao ceremony invites you to transcend your conscious mind and enter a realm of deep focus and relaxation within your heart. By soothing your nervous system, you’ll unlock your internal compass and find the clarity to move forward on your true path. Embark on a journey of meditation, […]

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Amatsu after pregnancy – restoring natural balance

Mother and child: It is important to recognize the profound physical changes a woman’s body goes through throughout pregnancy and childbirth, as we celebrate the amazing journey of parenting. The need to maintain excellent posture throughout this extraordinary time is one sometimes disregarded component that demands our attention. Most mothers prioritize taking care of the […]

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Collection & Use of Personal Information

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