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How Yoga Can Help Kids

Yoga Promotes Healthy Lifestyle Among Children Yoga is a great way to get kids interested in a healthy lifestyle and to encourage the development of movement and creativity in your child. With fun exercises, it can develop self-discipline, strength and good posture as well as improve breathing, concentration and co-ordination. Kids who take part in […]

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How to stop living on an autopilot

‘In today’s rush we all think too much, seek too much, want too much and forget about the joy of just Being.’ —Eckhart Tolle Does life just happen to you? Or do you make life happen? Imagine you just drove home from work. You step out of your car, and I ask you how the […]

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5 Yoga Poses You Should Be Doing Every Morning

What really matters is how you start your day. The first hours of the day are actually extremely important, since they lay the foundation for everything you do that day. Morning Routine No matter where you are in the world, most of us start our day in the same way — we wake up, grab […]

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Pilates Foundation Course

Want to try a new way of exercising? Pilates supports good posture, improved strength and flexibility in the muscles. It also helps protect your back and is great for rehabilitation and prevention from injury. What is Pilates? The Pilates method was developed by Joseph Pilates who embarked on a journey to fix his back problems. […]

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Advanced Yoga Teacher Training – Rise To A New Level

So you have the 200 hours training and you’re teaching great classes. What Now? While the number of professional Yoga Teacher Trainings have grown over the years, many courses still don’t meet all your needs as a dedicated yoga teacher who wants to build a successful yoga career. Now that you have created a solid […]

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4 Essential Tips for Yoga Beginners

  Whether you’re new to yoga or returning to the practice after taking a break, you may be feeling lost and unsure of where to begin. A beginner’s yoga session will introduce (or re-introduce) you to the practice while helping you establish the most important fundamentals that will serve as the foundation for your practice. […]

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6-week Yoga Beginner Series, January 2022

We are thrilled to announce our 6-week Yoga Beginner Series starting on the 27th of January 2022. A true beginner’s course, with each week building on the prior week’s foundation and knowledge. The focus of this absolute beginner yoga program is on classes that move through key yoga poses while being careful and emphasizing alignment. […]

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Calm Your Christmas – Candlelight Restorative Yoga

Embrace the Christmas season as you release into this deliciously peaceful and calm restorative yoga practice. Enhancing each pose with the use of different Aromatherapy oils, we will move through gentle restorative twists, heart openers, hip openers and a guided relaxation to finish this practice . Yoga calms the mind and moves stagnant energy. Aromatherapy […]

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Nature Retreat in The Wicklow Escape

Stunning scenery, delicious food and mindful movement Nestled in the Glen of Imaal, you are surrounded by mountains and forests with some of the best hiking in Ireland literally in the back garden! This yoga escape endeavours to help you delve deep into the soul of your practice. Removing external distractions and giving your time […]

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