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Partner Yoga with Aga Chojnacka

Partner Yoga with Aga Chojnacka

Partner Yoga – Double The Fun!

It’s a brand new, fun workshop to suit everyone, regardless of size, age, marital status or level of experience. You can join us on your own, bring a friend or a date and make loads of new friends:)

First comes a warm-up with energising sun salutations, then we move to work in pairs.

We will build up a better understanding of some yoga asanas by supporting each other in them and hopefully you will adopt some of the ideas as a new way to connect with your friends, family members or meeting new people.… Read more

Posted on March 20, 2019

Pregnancy Acupuncture

Pregnancy Acupuncture Pregnancy Acupuncture with Clare Foley

Acupuncture has become a hugely popular therapy to support pregnancy, labour and postpartum health in recent years. Every woman wants her pregnancy to go smoothly and acupuncture is a great way to regulate and optimize our natural cycles. Whether you-and-bump are aching for a good night’s sleep or you’re preparing for the big day, booking in some acupuncture sessions will bring calm, energy and help with the following issues:


Low back pain is the most common use of acupuncture during pregnancy along with other pain conditions where painkillers need to be avoided such as headaches and migraine.… Read more

Posted on March 15, 2019

Kids Art & Painting with Hannah Feery

Kids Art & Painting with Hannah Feery

Let your toddlers thrive through our engaging and entertaining toddler art classes! Known to be a favourite educational activity for toddlers and parents alike, our toddler art classes guide children step by step in creating their very own art projects to proudly exhibit at home!

Art & Painting classes for toddlers and kids, from the ages 2 – 7 are available Wednesday mornings from 10:30 – 11:30! Hosted by the wonderful Hannah Feery your budding Picasso will explore painting on canvas, drawing, sparkling crafts, and more, all while receiving the crucial, developmental benefits of art, including healthy expression of emotions, enhanced fine motor skills, greater concentration, healthy social skills, and cognitive problem-solving skills

Book your little one in on Wednesdays here!… Read more

Posted on February 26, 2019

Mindfulness and yoga, mind, body and spirit with Sophia Pallaro

Mindfulness and yoga, mind, body and spirit with Sophia Pallaro

This module is both an exploration of mindfulness meditation theory & practice and a guide to their integration in yoga practice and teaching. This module is open to all yoga teachers who have an interest in exploring and integrating a mindfulness approach to yoga:

  • Working with difficulties: desire; aversion; torpor; restlessness; doubt & exploring strategic remedies.
  • Mindfulness and Yoga: How to develop and integrate a mindful quality to yoga practice and different yoga styles.
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Posted on February 25, 2019

Subtle Body Anatomy & Yoga Energy Medicine with Veronica Larsson

Subtle Body Anatomy & Yoga Energy Medicine with Veronica Larsson

Understanding and Working with Subtle Energy Pathways, Vibrational Transformation & Consciousness

Experiential learning and study of Subtle Body Anatomy in Yoga:

  • Chakra, Kosha, Vayu, Nadi: How they interrelate, how they affect everything in a person (body, mind, emotions, connection to spirit) and how to work with those systems to bring them into balance.
  • The Chakra system: Asana work, balancing and clearing work, meditations and work in consciousness.
  • Breathwork, Meditation and Energy clearing work
  • The 4 bodies; physical, mental, emotional & spiritual
  • Teaching from a level of energy/soul connection
  • How to read energy in others/postures
  • Teaching using a language that facilitates wholeness and harmony
  • Being the Change
  • Cultivating Listening, Becoming Sensitive, Trusting your awareness, and Improving observational /listening skills
Posted on February 25, 2019

Doula Training Open Day at The elbowroom

Doula Training Open Day at The elbowroom

The first of its kind in Ireland, this doula course will provide all of the training and mentoring necessary for you to support pregnant people and their families and from conception, pregnancy labour birth and the early postpartum in the Irish maternity system. 

Join us for this open talk and Q&A with Dr Krysia Lynch, where we will discuss the doula training structure, content and our passion for pregnancy care and reform.… Read more

Posted on February 21, 2019