What Even Is Hot Yoga? →

What Even Is Hot Yoga?

Hot Yoga is an ever growing yogic trend these days, but what’s it all about?

A typical hot yoga class begins with breath work and inward reflection, moving through to warm-ups to wake up the body followed by vinyasa flow in a heated room, invigorating asanas and wrapping up with a blissful savasana (lying down meditation).

What are the benefits?

Practicing yoga in a heated room assist in warming up the muscles, increases metabolism and your heart rate, this allows your blood vessels to become more flexible, making circulation easier and increases blood flow to the limbs, building up a sweat to help with weight loss.… Read more

Posted on March 25, 2019

Partner Yoga with Aga Chojnacka →

Partner Yoga with Aga Chojnacka

Partner Yoga – Double The Fun!

It’s a brand new, fun workshop to suit everyone, regardless of size, age, marital status or level of experience. You can join us on your own, bring a friend or a date and make loads of new friends:)

First comes a warm-up with energising sun salutations, then we move to work in pairs.

We will build up a better understanding of some yoga asanas by supporting each other in them and hopefully you will adopt some of the ideas as a new way to connect with your friends, family members or meeting new people.… Read more

Posted on March 20, 2019

6 week Qi Gong Course with Gregg Hartnett →

6 week Qi Gong Course with Gregg Hartnett

“Qi gong is a strategy for freedom from our cage of isolation” – Garri Garripoli

Qi gong is a system of energetic and meditative practices that originated in Ancient China.

In this class, you will experience a variety of qigong forms to help loosen the body, clear stagnant energy, open energetic pathways and build qi. Additionally, the Zhineng Qigong form “Lift Qi Up Pour Qi Down” further opens pathways, increases vitality and awakens healing energy.… Read more

Posted on March 18, 2019

What is a Doula? →

What is a Doula?

The word ‘doula’ (pronounced ‘doo-la’) is a Greek word meaning ‘woman servant or caregiver’. More recently, it refers to someone who offers emotional and physical support to a woman and her partner before, during and after childbirth. In Ireland a Doula is a woman who provides a Doula service usually for a fee.

The principal is to give ‘mothering to the mother’, enabling a woman to have the most satisfying experience that she can from pregnancy and into motherhood.… Read more

Posted on March 16, 2019

Face Yoga Workshop with Timea Farkas →

Face Yoga Workshop with Timea Farkas

Join this 2-hour face yoga workshop if you are ready to say goodbye to sunken cheeks and flabby chins, lines around your mouth and eyes, and dark circles and puffy eyes!

I was begged to share my secret of my youthful look, and here is your chance to learn it. For the price of a facial treatment, which results last for hours only, you can learn the natural facelift technique that restores:

  • A firm, toned, lifted facial appearance and healthy, glowing complexion
  • Reduces deep lines and wrinkles, get rid of double chin, sagging skin, puffy eyes, drooped eyelid that make the signs of stress off your face …and have them at your fingertips for the rest of your life.
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Posted on March 15, 2019

Pregnancy Acupuncture →

Pregnancy Acupuncture Pregnancy Acupuncture with Clare Foley

Acupuncture has become a hugely popular therapy to support pregnancy, labour and postpartum health in recent years. Every woman wants her pregnancy to go smoothly and acupuncture is a great way to regulate and optimize our natural cycles. Whether you-and-bump are aching for a good night’s sleep or you’re preparing for the big day, booking in some acupuncture sessions will bring calm, energy and help with the following issues:


Low back pain is the most common use of acupuncture during pregnancy along with other pain conditions where painkillers need to be avoided such as headaches and migraine.… Read more

Posted on March 15, 2019