Yin – The ultimate unwind – 3 poses →

Yin – The ultimate unwind – 3 poses

Yin yoga has to be one of the best ways to unwind years of tension that build up in your body. Imagine the same patterns that your body moves in, day in and day out. In our culture, those patterns often involve sitting at a desk, leaning over and generally are not good for our postures. Take these three poses into your life and start to undo.

Join Anna Olson for a Yin and Nidra workshop this Friday 17th January at 7 pm.… Read more

Posted on January 16, 2020

18 Weeks Kids Yoga with Katarina Jarinova →

18 Weeks Kids Yoga with Katarina Jarinova

Yoga encourages children to relax and have fun while they develop not only strength, coordination, flexibility, and balance, but also body awareness, better focus and concentration, and self-confidence.

In Children’s Yoga, there is a balance between spontaneity and structure, so that children learn to listen to each other as well as express themselves creatively. Children learn best when they are having fun, so classes interweave story, song, games, and poses, allowing them to learn in a multi-sensory environment which explores kinaesthetic, visual, aural, inter-and intra-personal learning.… Read more

Posted on January 15, 2020

17 Weeks Gymnastics Programme →

17 Weeks Gymnastics Programme

Our excellent recreational programme in which gymnasts progress at their own pace. Your child will learn the basic to advanced gymnastics skills which help to improve overall flexibility, strength, body awareness and develop great self-esteem. These classes cater for boys and girls of all abilities.

Improves spatial awareness: Gymnastics is considered a spatial activity, which means the more children move in different ways, the more connections are made in the brain that in turn improve spatial awareness.… Read more

Posted on January 15, 2020

15 Weeks – Juvenile Ballet with Aileen Rogers →

15 Weeks – Juvenile Ballet with Aileen Rogers

This class brings imagination, rhythm, musicality, and movement together to provide a fun and engaging environment for any child that is interested in dance or movement of any kind.

Ballet improves flexibility, strength, and posture.

It is an excellent form of exercise, teaching discipline and focus.

Aileen Rogers is a Dublin based choreographer. Her background in dance dates back to childhood with a strong influence in classical ballet, tap, modern contemporary dance.… Read more

Posted on January 15, 2020

Karate for Kids →

Karate for Kids

Enroll your kids and get them moving with our great Karate class taught by the super-skilled black belt Ruadhan (Ru) Mew.

As well as being a form of self-defence Karate improves fitness, flexibility, agility, confidence and self-awareness, spatial awareness and all-round wellbeing. Karate is universally recognised as one of the most comprehensive of all martial arts and is a lifelong skill. In a class with Ru Mew, you can expect lots of fun as well as expert training in the art of traditional Shotokan karate.Read more

Posted on January 15, 2020

Pilates Foundation Course – Mondays →

Pilates Foundation Course – Mondays

If you are looking for Pilates classes in Dublin, this foundation course will bring you through all the basics needed to get a solid foundation for your Pilates classes. From engaging your core, getting a great neutral curve in your spine to using your breath effectively.

Open to complete beginners, this course is your starting point before trying any of the drop-in Pilates classes. The course will bring you through all the fundamental elements of the Pilates method.… Read more

Posted on January 14, 2020