A Runners Stretching Workshop →

A Runners Stretching Workshop

Join our resident sports specialist and physical therapist – Ciarán Aherne for the ultimate runner’s workshop.

Warming up and warming down is vital for anyone who runs or plans to run. Stretching exercises are paramount to protect your hips, ankles, knees and feet is vital to stay injury free.

Learn how to:

  • Stretch the right muscles without straining your joints
  • Effectively build muscle to maintain endurance
  • Use an efficient warm up and warm down routine each time you run
  • Help stay injury free and keep running for many years to come
  • Build up your competitive advantage if racing is your game

If you would like info on any of our classes or workshops to support your fitness plan, please email, reception with your enquiry, best of luck with your running.… Read more

Posted on March 6, 2015

Sling and bling – Tips for wearing your baby →

Sling and bling – Tips for wearing your baby

In addition to helping infants develop emotionally and socially, baby slings also meet their physical needs. Babies need and enjoy motion. In the womb, they become accustomed to the sound of mother’s heart pumping blood and to the feeling of being confined in a small space.  If you are looking for some tips or just plain adult company, join us in a relaxed environment at our sling cafe enjoy a coffee or treat and, where you can meet other mums and our baby wearing expert Billie. … Read more

Posted on March 4, 2015

Are you up the walls? Simple tips to slow down →

Are you up the walls? Simple tips to slow down

How is your work-life balance right now? Are holiday pressures a bit too much? For instance……Are you reading this post in bed on your phone? Should you really be preparing for sleep right now or taking some time out to really relax?

Restorative yoga is all about filling up your well of energy by simply letting yourself be with your breath.

It also has the great benefits of opening those tight shoulders and hips by remaining in postures for some time.… Read more

Posted on March 3, 2015

When and why retreating is so good ….. →

When and why retreating is so good …..

Life is full of conundrums, often we thrive on challenges, hurdling obstacles without a care in the world. And then sometimes it can all get a bit too much. Feeling twisted with commitments, endless lists & responsibilities, this is the perfect time to just let it go.

Concentrate on your needs and abilities. I have developed an intuitive Half or Full day retreat to help you on your path. To truly take sometime to fix yourself and prioritise what is actually manageable.… Read more

Posted on February 26, 2015

The abc of good pregnancy posture →

The abc of good pregnancy posture

Lying on your side in the comfort of your own home is definitely a most appealing pose to spend the next 9 months. Realistically this is probably not a viable option so let’s keep it real. Take a deep breath and start taking notes. Your post-pregnancy body will love you for it.

Standing – lift your shoulders tuck in your chin & stomach. Keep these muscles strong & distribute your body weight evenly on both legs.… Read more

Posted on February 24, 2015

Take your fitness to the next level →

Take your fitness to the next level

If you’re a seasoned yogi and ready to increase your fitness, strength and stamina we have just the teacher for you.  Ashling Hughes is one of the most grounded, compassionate teachers you can learn from. She is a passionate Ashtanga practitioner and teacher.  Her fluid dynamic style is the perfect challenge to further your learning.

She will guide you through a sequence of postures. There are 6 sequences in total, each one opening your body up for the next. … Read more

Posted on February 18, 2015