Conscious Conception, Pregnancy & Parenting →

Conscious Conception, Pregnancy & Parenting

Kundalini yoga teaches that it is our radiance and consciousness that attracts a soul and that there are many yogic practises that women and men can engage in to consciously conceive, to support a successful pregnancy and to be the best parents they can be. This workshop is suitable for women and men, single or in relationship, pregnant or not, to learn ancient Kundalini yogic knowledge about lifestyle, kriyas and meditations that support us to consciously conceive, carry and parent a child.… Read more

Posted on December 4, 2013

How To Navigate The Hospital System →

How To Navigate The Hospital System

Are you considering a natural birth or would you like more information on the options available to you and your partner? 


Empower yourselves with all the knowledge available for the birth of your baby.  We’ve put together some useful pointers you should discuss. For the real deal and to best improve your chances, remember independent advice is often the best preparation. Come and join our birthing workshop on Sunday 24h of November

Natural Birth

Asking for a midwife who is experienced in natural birth can really make a difference.… Read more

Posted on November 20, 2013

Kundalini – Meditation for the Negative Mind →

Kundalini – Meditation for the Negative Mind

We generally think of ourselves as having a single body.  However Kundalini yoga teaches that our physical body is just one of our ten bodies that we experience life through.  We also have three mental bodies (the negative mind, the positive mind and the neutral mind), and six energy bodies (soul body, subtle body, arcline, auric body, pranic body and the radiant body).

Try the following meditation to balance the negative, protective fearful  mind.  … Read more

Posted on November 18, 2013

Activating & Balancing your Chakras →

Activating & Balancing your Chakras

Kundalini yoga works by freeing the flow of energy through eight power points in the body known as chakras, spinning vortexes at intervals along your spine, Each radiates a different energy vibration that’s important to your health and happiness. By opening and balancing these centers, we enable ourselves to connect to a larger source of energy from which we have come, building strength, focus and protection to survive and thrive in these times.… Read more

Posted on November 14, 2013

Awakening to your Ten Bodies →

Kundalini yoga, also known as the Yoga of Awareness, consists of simple but effective yogic techniques which strengthen the nervous system and balance the glandular system resulting in increased vitality and a deeper sense of awareness and connectedness in the individual. It is a complete science which uses the breath, yoga postures, sound, mantra and active meditations as tools for self-transformation and personal development. These techniques can be practised by anyone regardless of age or fitness levels.… Read more

Posted on November 12, 2013

Tips for improving your child’s social skills →

Tips for improving your child’s social skills

Some children find eye contact very difficult.  Making that connection is important.

  • Try and make sure you are face to face with your child and then begin your message. An idea is to get down to their level when you speak. Another worthwhile tip is to buy inexpensive glasses or fun glasses. You can ask the child to ‘look at your glasses’ – for some children it can be quite stressful for them to keep listening to the instruction of ‘look at me’ – these plastic lucky bag glasses can be a fun way to engage your child.
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Posted on November 6, 2013