Musical Mini-Jam & Baby Jam →

Musical Mini-Jam & Baby Jam

Join our ever popular Music classes for toddlers & babies. Great for kids who are walking steadily up to 3.5 years old. Mini Jam is a fun and interactive music, singing, and movement class starts at 10.30am each Friday and 10.30am on Wednesdays.

We also run a class for babies at 11.30am on Fridays a fun and interactive music, singing and movement class for 0 to wobblers. A great place to rock out with your little bundle & meet new mums.… Read more

Posted on October 15, 2014

What to do – if your child is Choking →

What to do – if your child is Choking

The two most important things you learn in any first aid class are CPR and what to do if someone is choking.  When it comes to young children and babies, their hearts are young and healthy and rarely pose a problem.  CPR for children and infants usually stems from issues around their breathing which leads to problems with the heart.

Oral exploration is a key developmental phase, it allows babies to discover the taste and texture of the objects that make up their world.  … Read more

Posted on October 15, 2014

Your baby is speaking to you →

Your baby is speaking to you

While every baby comes with a different instruction manual, they do have quite an advanced form of non verbal communication which they use.  We just need to spend a little time figuring out what that is.

Newborns are used to being in the womb and having a constant food supply.  Getting used to being outside the womb and feeling hungry is a whole new experience and is initially quite frightening and stressful for them.  … Read more

Posted on October 2, 2014

Birth plans – covering all options →

Birth plans – covering all options

Okay, so now that the bump’s in full view it’s making you a shining beacon for women who want to tell you the worst birth stories ever. How about some good news?

There is a lot you can do to help bring about a natural, calm and easier birth.

Many women birth in hospitals avoiding any medication and medical intervention unless medically necessary. Its all about following the natural rhythms of labour, understanding how their body works and trusting their body.… Read more

Posted on September 24, 2014

Increase your Mental Focus →

Increase your Mental Focus

September is full of change, with added work loads and increased responsiblities it’s important to to keep your mind focused on the tasks ahead.  Taking ten or twenty minutes out for a yoga practice isn’t just aimed at staying slim, flexible or more grounded it also boosts your brain function.

After a yoga practice, you are better able to focus your mental resources, process information quickly, more accurately, hold and update pieces of information more effectively.… Read more

Posted on September 12, 2014

Feel lighter & brighter with our gentle Yoga poses →

Feel lighter & brighter with our gentle Yoga poses

There are fundamental ways restorative yoga helps you feel lighter, your limbs feel stretched and your skin is brighter

When we’re completely relaxed, our body’s nervous system kicks in. This fundamentally helps the body to eliminate toxins, detox and cleanse the body.

Yoga strengthens the immune system, tones the body, boosts energy levels and is good for the heart, liver, kidney and digestive organs.  Unlike most other fitness regimes, You should feel more energised, calm and stretched straight away.… Read more

Posted on September 11, 2014