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3 Tips to Strengthen Your Teen-Parent Relationship

3 Tips to Strengthen Your Teen-Parent Relationship

As a group of parents who realised that our daughters are on the cusp of what will be the most exciting but also the most terrifying time of their lives, we decided to pool our expertise and devising a series of workshops that will help young teenagers navigate the often choppy waters of young womanhood.

We’re honest, open, frank and sex-positive. We don’t believe in shame of any sort and we preach good communication, respect and tolerance.… Read more

Posted on May 6, 2016

6 Benefits of Kids Yoga

6 Benefits of Kids Yoga

We all want to help our children reach their full potential and a weekly practice is a great way for kids to relax, focus, boost well-being, improve flexibility and confidence.

Kids yoga classes are designed to be fun and creative to stimulate children’s imagination. The classes will help maintain their natural flexibility and teach them to breathe correctly.

Here are 6 great reasons to incorporate yoga into your child’s routine

1 Boosts confidence & self-expression: When your child is able to display great agility and flexibility, it will do wonders for their confidence.… Read more

Posted on April 17, 2016

Improving Handwritting skills

Improving Handwritting skills Are you interested in improving your child’s handwriting and fine motor co-ordination?

Then why not visit the new Children’s area in St Patrick’s Cathedral Dublin.

What will be on offer?

Arrangements have been put in place between The elbowroom, Occupational Therapist Adeline Cully and the Education Officer, Stephen Smith for free admission to the Cathedral and the opportunity to use the Children’s area with the following activities on offer.

  • Use of free paper and specialist brass rubbing crayons for Brass Rubbing.
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Posted on October 15, 2015

Can Homeopathy help with the treatment of ADHD?

Can Homeopathy help with the treatment of ADHD?

“If a child came into my clinic who was severely hyperactive, easily terrified, and inclined to violent agitation and fits of rage I would consider the remedy Stramonium”.

While the levels of ADHD continue to rise in Ireland the need to look at alternative treatments is ever more pressing. This is especially true if you consider the disturbing evidence from studies on laboratory rats that giving Ritalin-type drugs to adolescents may cause mental health problems when they are adults.… Read more

Posted on August 6, 2015

How Playing with Lego Builds Language Learning and Social Success

How Playing with Lego Builds Language Learning and Social Success

Most parents of children five and over know at least two things about Lego. Kids love it, and bare feet don’t. Lots of us take the chance we will one day endure the pain of stepping mistakenly on a stray lego brick to support our children’s love of building cool stuff, but how often do we consider the endless potential of these toy building bricks to support our children’s learning and development?… Read more

Posted on March 24, 2015

How to deal with a childhood emergency.

How to deal with a childhood emergency.

When your kid is screaming, blood is flowing and emotions are bubbling over, it can be hard to tell if a situation is a true childhood emergency, something that can be treated in your doctor’s office, or an issue you can handle at home once things calm down. How can you tell the difference?

Let your doctor help you decide, they can help over the phone, have you come into the office, or call A&E ahead of time to alert them that your child is on the way.… Read more

Posted on March 18, 2015