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The low down on Back Pain.

It’s the time of year for enthusiastic gardening, impromptu football matches and running around in the sunshine. Which is all well and good until something goes twang! Unfortunately the majority of us have pretty sedentary desk jobs which involve lots of sitting and most of us are guilty of having spent most of the winter […]

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Sugar, honey, honey

Did you know that the Irish are second largest consumers of chocolate in the world? We consume approximately 9.9kg per person which equates to 198 bars a year or 3.8 bars per week. Which, when you consider how many hidden sugars exist in our food, means that we consume a shocking amount of sugar each day. Scientists […]

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When and why retreating is so good …..

Life is full of conundrums, often we thrive on challenges, hurdling obstacles without a care in the world. And then sometimes it can all get a bit too much. Feeling twisted with commitments, endless lists & responsibilities, this is the perfect time to just let it go. Concentrate on your needs and abilities. I have developed an intuitive Half […]

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The abc of good pregnancy posture

Lying on your side in the comfort of your own home is definitely a most appealing pose to spend the next 9 months. Realistically this is probably not a viable option so let’s keep it real. Take a deep breath and start taking notes. Your post-pregnancy body will love you for it. Standing – lift your shoulders […]

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Take your fitness to the next level

If you’re a seasoned yogi and ready to increase your fitness, strength and stamina we have just the teacher for you.  Ashling Hughes is one of the most grounded, compassionate teachers you can learn from. She is a passionate Ashtanga practitioner and teacher.  Her fluid dynamic style is the perfect challenge to further your learning. […]

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The Unexpected Benefits of Pilates

These days we hear a lot about Pilates & most people can list off the benefits of practicing it without ever having done a class. There are the usual suspects of improved posture, a stronger core, injury rehabilitation, feeling better about yourself when you’re wearing a swimsuit etc but the benefits are actually far more […]

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Activating & Balancing your Chakras

Kundalini yoga works by freeing the flow of energy through eight power points in the body known as chakras, spinning vortexes at intervals along your spine, Each radiates a different energy vibration that’s important to your health and happiness. By opening and balancing these centers, we enable ourselves to connect to a larger source of […]

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Awakening to Your Ten Bodies

Kundalini Yoga teaches us that we are not just our physical body but also our soul, our mind (negative, positive and neutral), our arcline, our aura, our pranic body,our subtle body and our radiant body. Strengthening all ten bodies enables us to create waves of consciousness that can lead to authentic healing and a focus […]

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