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Restorative and Deep Relaxation Yoga for Pregnancy

Deep relaxation and a labour rehearsal empowering your journey into motherhood. For pregnant women, whose bodies and minds are constantly working to literally create life inside of them, restorative yoga is a perfect way to help your body rest and regenerate in order to complete this profound and instinctual task of creation. Restorative yoga also […]

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Benefits of squat exercises during pregnancy.

Exercising during pregnancy provides a number of benefits for both the mother (shorter labour) and the baby (less colic). What should also be highlighted is that for many mothers keeping active makes them happier, less anxious and helps them feel more in tune with their growing body. So it makes sense to help pregnant women stay as active […]

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What to do – if your child is Choking

The two most important things you learn in any first aid class are CPR and what to do if someone is choking.  When it comes to young children and babies, their hearts are young and healthy and rarely pose a problem.  CPR for children and infants usually stems from issues around their breathing which leads to […]

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Your baby is speaking to you

While every baby comes with a different instruction manual, they do have quite an advanced form of non verbal communication which they use.  We just need to spend a little time figuring out what that is. Newborns are used to being in the womb and having a constant food supply.  Getting used to being outside […]

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Birth plans – covering all options

Okay, so now that the bump’s in full view it’s making you a shining beacon for women who want to tell you the worst birth stories ever. How about some good news? There is a lot you can do to help bring about a natural, calm and easier birth. Many women birth in hospitals avoiding […]

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Abdominal Separation

Studies show that 39% of women after giving birth, their rectus abdominis muscles do not come back together. How do I check for abdominal separation? If you lie on the floor and contract your abdomen by doing a sit up and you can fit more than one finger in the central gap between your six-pack […]

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The Power Of A Mum’s Touch – Infant Massage

Did you know taking part in an infant massage course with your new little bundle of loveliness can help ward off or aid recovery from Post-natal Depression? Effective   We’ve all heard how much we’ll fall in love with our babies as soon as we set eyes on them, but the reality for some mums […]

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4 Great Resolutions For Breastfeeding

Tips for breastfeeding Here are some top resolutions for easing into breastfeeding to make life easier for you. We will give you all the information you need and more in at our breastfeeding workshop taking place Sunday 29th September. Sleep when your baby sleeps. Sleep deprivation is exhausting. Get sleep when you can. Sleep in […]

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Top tips for sucessfull breastfeeding

Women often spend so much time reading books preparing for birth but little time getting ready for breastfeeding. If you think about it we spend a few hours in labor but maybe months breastfeeding. Read this post to help get the best start and join us for the Breastfeeding workshop linked at the top of […]

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