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A New Moon with Martha Ryan

A New Moon with Martha Ryan

We all know about the full moon; it’s beaming visibility through the night sky sends passer-buyers into utter stillness and awe. But what about the new moon? Equally as important, if not more so, the new moon represents a new beginning, a new chapter that we are lucky enough to embark upon every 28 days.

Each phase of the moon comes with its own vibe, it’s own energy – this is influenced by how illuminated it is and also what zodiac it falls under.… Read more

Posted on December 3, 2018

Q&A with Naturopath Siobhán Carroll

Q&A with Naturopath Siobhán Carroll

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Siobhán. I love potatoes, like a good Irishwoman, and avocados, like a good vegan. I love plants and can often be found hugging trees. My favourite herb is Calendula, so much so that my friends from my Naturopathy school and my Herbal Medicine Internship all call me Shivandula. I’m a big fan of Disney, fantasy and everything magical. My favourite film is Stardust, and probably all of the Lord of The Rings Trilogy, and my favourite books for the last 20 years have been the Harry Potter series.… Read more

Posted on November 15, 2018

5 reasons to do the Human Energy Systems Yoga Training

5 reasons to do the Human Energy Systems Yoga Training Because Reconnecting with your Self

Nobody is coming to save the day, or to reward you, for playing small, or good. The spiritual teachings and practices directly connect you to your seat of inner power, to the profound knowing of who are, and how to consciously use this immense power and life-giving energy that lives through you, in your daily life, for creating in alignment with your heart, and truth. The power of all of creation IS available to you, within yourself. … Read more

Posted on October 17, 2018

Summer Love 6 Class Pass Sale

Summer Love 6 Class Pass Sale

Yoga is love. To celebrate summer love we have the perfect payday treat!

Special Offer
Was €85, Now Only €59.50!

*Offer is limited to the first 50 customers*

**Summer 6 class passes are valid for use in all drop-in classes up until 35 days after purchase**

Get Your 6 Class Pass Today

Posted on July 31, 2018

Mumaste offer of the Month

Mumaste offer of the Month


Enjoy a Prenatal massage and reflexology treatment by Lesley Nolan Holistic Therapist. Mumaste!

A special blend of treatments tailored to suit all expecting mothers on their journey to motherhood! Helping prepare your body for birth by relieving aches & pains, balancing hormones, ripening cervix, improving sleep patterns, reducing stress and giving you that time out for yourself are just some of the benefits you can reap.


Mumaste – With Lesley Nolan

Avail of 20% off a bundle of 3 treatments

Was €195, Now just €156

Offer valid to the 28th February 2019

Book Now at info@the-elbowroom.com or call on (01) 677 9859

Posted on July 18, 2018

Hawaiian Heatwave Offer – Lomi Lomi Massage

Hawaiian Heatwave Offer – Lomi Lomi Massage Hawaiian Heatwave Special just for you

Enjoy 20% off your first Lomi Lomi Massage this Month to celebrate this glorious heatwave weather we have been having.

Lomi Lomi Hawaiian massage is a complete healing system aimed at restoring balance and harmony within the body, mind and spirit. Our massage therapists use rhythmic and gentle flow movements to promote energy flow, relaxation, and tension release. These long flowing strokes promote harmony and balance in the body giving you an instant increased sense of overall well-being.… Read more

Posted on July 4, 2018