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Family Food – Pizza Pinwheels

Ok, these are the ultimate easy-peasy summer picnic food for all the family.  Great for baby led weaning too. This recipe is for pizza pinwheels but experiment with your own fillings…the options are endless! Ingredients: Packet of pre-rolled puff pastry (sheet) tomato purée 1 clove garlic oregano and basil (dried or fresh) mozzarella, cheddar or […]

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Should we warm up before our Yoga practice?

This question was posed to me by a very keen yoga student of mine. I’m sure it’s something that we are all familiar with, and is well worth some serious consideration. With the increasing popularity of ‘heat generating’ yoga styles, there is a remarkable shift towards introducing the heat element through various methods. So why […]

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Looking to advance your yoga practice?

So you’ve completed your beginners yoga course and you’ve been going to classes to beat the band. After initially making great strides you feel your yoga practice has since plateaued and you’re now looking to bring it to the next level. Don’t worry! This is a common issue that a lot of yogis experience. The good news is that all it takes is some small […]

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5 amazing tips for relieving lower back pain

Here’s 5 simple suggestions to help banish that lower back pain Most of us have suffered or will suffer from it at some point in our lives. About 80 percent of adults experience it at some point. It’s the most common cause of work-related disability and a leading contributor to missed work days. It can effect every […]

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Simple ways to boost your mental health

Qi Gong / Chi gong is a gentle effortless form of exercise that has powerful side effects. It evolved as part of the link between martial arts and traditional Chinese medicine somewhere around 600BC. Over centuries of observation of people with all kinds of ailments the Chinese documented and postulated the existence of channels of […]

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