Karate for Kids

Enroll your kids and get them moving with our great Karate class taught by the super-skilled black belt Ruadhan (Ru) Mew.

As well as being a form of self-defence Karate improves fitness, flexibility, agility, confidence and self-awareness, spatial awareness and all-round wellbeing. Karate is universally recognised as one of the most comprehensive of all martial arts and is a lifelong skill. In a class with Ru Mew, you can expect lots of fun as well as expert training in the art of traditional Shotokan karate.

Karate is a combination of kicking, punching, striking and blocking techniques which the children will learn and perfect over time. They will learn Kihon – the basic moves, Kumite – the back and forth of a controlled fight and Kata – a sequence of moves choreographed.

  • Learn nonviolent conflict resolution
  • Learn to find focus and stillness
  • Learn the connection between mind and body

D7 ET kids will be picked up from school and brought to the class. Parents pick up from The elbowroom. No class during October midterm break.

There are no classes on the following dates:

  • Monday 17th Feb
  • Monday 16th March
  • Monday 6th & 13th April
  • Monday 4th May
  • Monday 1st June

Sibling Discount

10% off your additional booking fee if you enrol two or more family members. Please book through The elbowroom reception to avail of this. Number: 01-6779859 or info@the-elbowroom.com

*If you book online please add the child’s name (not yours)!*

D7 ET kids will be picked up from school and brought to the class in the elbowroom. Please note that classes are 30 mins long to allow time for walking to the elbowroom.

Classes begin at 1.30pm /2.30pm

Class Pick up times at school:
1:10pm JI/SI
2:10pm 1st-6th

Collection at The elbowroom:
2pm JI/SI
3pm 1st to 6th

If you book online please add the child’s name (not yours)!

Cost €165 for 15 weeks.

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