18 Weeks Kids Yoga with Katarina Jarinova

Yoga encourages children to relax and have fun while they develop not only strength, coordination, flexibility, and balance, but also body awareness, better focus and concentration, and self-confidence.

In Children’s Yoga, there is a balance between spontaneity and structure, so that children learn to listen to each other as well as express themselves creatively. Children learn best when they are having fun, so classes interweave story, song, games, and poses, allowing them to learn in a multi-sensory environment which explores kinaesthetic, visual, aural, inter-and intra-personal learning.

D7 ET kids will be picked up from school and brought to the class in the elbowroom. Please note that classes are 30 mins long to allow time for walking to the elbowroom. Classes begin at 1.30pm

Class Pick up times at school:
1:10pm JI/SI

Collection at elbowroom:
2pm JI/SI

Sibling Discount
10% off if you enroll two or more family members. Please book through The elbowroom reception to avail of this discount
Number: 01-6779859 or info@the-elbowroom.com

If you book online please add the child’s name (not yours)!

Cost €171 for 18 weeks.

There are no classes on the following dates:
Thursday 20th Feb
Thursday 9th & 16th April

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