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Imagine all the accredited health specialists you need under one roof? We are proud to provide Dublin’s trusted integrated health care clinic. We firmly believe you and your family deserve to healthy and pain-free.

So invest with us and look after both your physical and mental health. Our specialists have a holistic mind-body approach to your wellbeing looking at everything from diet, lifestyle and work-life balance.

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Treatments and Practitioners

The elbowroom has Dublin’s most comprehensive integrated health care clinic with all the practitioners you need – all under one roof. Our approach is based on hands-on support for physical and mental health with a focus on nutrition, lifestyle and exercise.

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Many of our treatments are covered by your health insurance. For those who have a medical card, The elbowroom clinic has a community clinic running on select days where fees are reduced.


  • Osteopathy – Jonathan Wills
  • Neuromuscular Therapy & Muscle Activation – Bev Porrino
  • Massage Therapy – Lesley Nolan
  • Craniosacral Therapy – Jean Mc Donald
  • Yoga Therapy & Medicine – Kasandra Ziolkowska
  • Perinatal & Infant Mental Health – Deidre Madden
  • Acupuncture & Naturopathic Health – Clare Foley
  • Amatsu Therapy – Lynda Haran

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Wills clinic therapist dublin

Jonathan Wills – Osteopath

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Bev Yoga Teacher

Bev Porrino – Neuromuscular Therapist

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lesley nolan massage therapist

Lesley Nolan – Reflexology and Massage Therapist

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Emma Cahill

Emma Cahill

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Lynda Haran

Lynda Haran – Amatsu Therapist

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Jean Mc Donald

Jean Mc Donald – Craniosacral Therapist

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Armin Cárdenas – Psychologist

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Kasandra Ziolkowska

Kasadra Ziolkowska – Yoga Therapist and Yoga Medicine Teacher

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Deidre Madden

Deidre Madden – Perinatal and Infant Mental Health Expert

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Clare Foley – Acupuncturist and Naturopathic Health Counsellor

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I’m definitely finding the treatment effective as I’m getting better all the time. He uses various techniques that is not your ‘classic physio’ which I think is a positive addition to the therapy.  The cost is reasonable indeed and I would definitely recommend him to friends as I like his easy going manner and his professionalism.

I attended Kevin for dietary advice. I was very happy with my visit and found Kevin’s approach wonderful. He was very interested in understanding my specific dietary / health issues and was a great, empathetic listener. He’s particularly talented in communicating and explaining how our systems work and advising on how our diet can help us to be healthier. Highly recommended!

I have gained a lot from my acupuncture sessions with Clare. She is very compassionate and has a wealth of knowledge and experience. I always left our appointments feeling more positive and like something had shifted in terms of my energy. I highly recommend her.

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