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Some of the conditions that osteopathy can help treat include back pain, neck pain, joint pain, headaches, migraines, sports injuries, digestive issues, respiratory conditions, and menstrual problems, among others. Osteopaths believe that by addressing imbalances in the body’s structure and function, they can help restore optimal health and promote natural healing processes.

Jonathan Wills

Jonathan Wills. M.Ost, ND, DO is one of the few osteopaths in Ireland with a masters in osteopathic medicine.

He studied at the world renowned British College of Osteopathic Medicine which takes a naturopathic, whole-body approach to osteopathy. In this course, he also studied visceral osteopathy which aims to treat the viscera/organs of the body via an osteopathic approach. This is an area of medicine which is gaining more and more popularity as people realise that the body has to work as a whole unit and that all the body’s systems are interconnected.

Jonathan’s career in health started in his training as a gym instructor, then as a personal trainer, then as a sports therapist prior to studying osteopathic medicine. He has taught fitness classes around Dublin and has been recruited several times to teach the Joseph System of Foot Mobilisation to podiatrist and chiropodists directly working with Brian Joseph.

Jonathan uses a combination of soft-tissue techniques, myofascial work, joint manipulations and mobilisations, visceral techniques and much more to get your body functioning normally again.

‘A personable approach, empathy for his patients and a proven track record of patient improvement’ ensures that you are in good hands with Jonathan.

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