Caramelised onion broth with chestnut mushrooms, kale & buckwheat noodles.

Caramelised onion broth with chestnut mushrooms, kale & buckwheat noodles.

This week we’ve decided to give you a sneak preview of what’s to come from our newest venture in The elbowroom. Our new juice bar will offer a selection of superfood dishes to further nourish your body after your class in our studio. Today’s recipe is caramelised onion broth with chestnut mushrooms, kale & buckwheat noodles.

Perfect for the sudden change in the weather!

The additions of fresh ginger and turmeric root will give your immune system the boost is needs with the sudden drop in temperature. For more information on how you can help us get our indiegogo campaign off the ground click here!

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  • 3 medium white onions
  • Large handfull Kale
  • chestnut mushrooms
  • Buckwheat noodles
  • ginger root
  • turmeric root
  • tamari
  • white wine vinegar
  • 1 litre vegetable stock/vegan bouillon
  • coconut oil
  • sesame oil to serve

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Gently heat some coconut oil in a heavy bottom pan. Once to oil is melted add your finely sliced onions. The onions need to cook slowly to draw out their natural flavour, this creates the base for your soup.As the onions become translucent grate in your ginger & turmeric (I keep both in the freezer, that way they’re always fresh and can be grated without being peeled)
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At this stage add your sliced mushrooms. Stir the two together & leave them to cook gently on a low heat for ten minutes. Once they have cooked down & become nice and sticky turn up the heat for two minutes. This will add to the rich carmalised flavour of the broth.

Turn down the heat again and add one tablespoon of white wine vinegar & two tablespoons of tamari. Cook out for a minute and then add your stock.
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Once the stock comes to the boil throw in the noodles and the shredded kale. Boil for approximately five minutes (or until the noodles are cooked through)

Serve with a few drops of sesame oil to season.
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