Be Activated – Muscle Activation

A powerful new perspective on why the body becomes dysfunctional.

Be Activated is an impressive technique that reawakens muscles which have become lazy or have forgotten how they are supposed to work.

The human body is amazing. It is intelligent, intuitive and it will sacrifice anything to keep you moving.  When muscles don’t work correctly in one area of your body another will take up the slack; working overtime. Unfortunately, these compensations put us at risk because they more often lead to inefficient movement patterns, pain and injury.

People come to into my yoga classes and tell me that their hamstrings are tight in postures like downward dog and forward folds. These muscles are generally reacting this way because they are overworked. This can happen for a variety of reasons such as stress, injury, lifestyle and poor posture.

Be Activated is used across the globe in both prehab and in rehab scenarios.


  • be activatedIt’s used for athletes and fitness enthusiasts preparing for an event. Once ‘activated’ a body becomes stronger, agiler, in balance. It can also consume more oxygen, an imperative requirement for sports and aerobic activities.
  • It’s sought by people who are attuned with how their body and mind are connected. These people tend to notice the small niggles and act before they become an acute problem. As with everything in life, prevention is more sensible than searching for a cure.


  • It can alleviate the symptoms of physical injuries such as back, shoulder, knee pain etc.. In many cases the results are immediate and measurable.
  • Be Activated is a powerful stress release. The mind and the body cannot be separated. When we experience stress, become overwhelmed or anxious hormones are released into the body to prepare for ‘fight or flight’. If we remain in this state for too long the body becomes tight and inefficient, leading to tiredness and in some cases exhaustion.

Three ways to activate your body.

Be activatedBe Activated Clinic – During the session I’ll take a baseline assessment. This is to establish what is happening in your muscles at that precise moment. Once this is done, through a series of activations, I will gently stimulate the nerve supply to the lazy muscles. Post clinic exercises and drills are offered wherever necessary.

Self Activation Clinic – Learning how to do the sequence on yourself is empowering. You can manage your own recovery or maintain yourself between sessions to ensure that you to stay activated.

Group Activation Workshops & Courses. The workshops and courses are fun and interactive.  You will learn a number of simple ‘activation’ sequences and have the opportunity to try them out.

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