Acupuncture for Adult Acne

Acupuncture for Adult Acne

Acne, unfortunately, doesn’t just affect teenagers. Adult Acne can appear when you are in your 20’s, 30’s or even 40’s.

Because the causes of acne can be affected not only by hormonal changes in the body but also by your stress levels, your diet and lifestyle choices. So while you may have escaped with the occasional spot as a teenager, adult acne can be problematic popping up when you least need it.

Regular acne treatments suppress the manifestation of underlying imbalances in the body. Along with their side effects like irritation, dry skin, depression and mood problems.

Treatments with acupuncture make the whole body healthier, resolving the acne from the inside out. So patients generally also see an improvement in their digestion, sleep, stress levels and energy levels.

Research has proven acupuncture to be an effective, side-effect free treatment for acne. Studies show it reduces inflammation by releasing vascular and immunomodulatory factors, enhancing natural killer cell activity.  it also increases local microcirculation to disperse swelling. Undergoing acupuncture therapy for acne often includes dietary changes and/or herbs and supplements along with weekly acupuncture appointments.

If you aren’t convinced here are some additional tips you can try

Fewer refined carbs – Australian research shows people on low GI index diets had a 22% decrease in skin lesions. They suspect raised insulin levels from the carbs trigger the release of hormones that inflame follicles and increase sebum production.

Tea Tree Oil – has a long history of success with acne outbreaks.  Because of its antibacterial properties, it works on 27 out of 32 strains of acne-

causing bacteria.  You can find it in a wide range of soap and skin washes, you will need a minimum concentration of 55 of the oil in products.

Milk – a 2006 Harvard study found that 2 + glasses of milk per day gives you a 20% higher risk of acne.  Studies from last year suggest that fat-free milk is worse because of their increased sugar content. So try to decrease your milk intake or maybe switch to a nut milk.


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About the author: Lisa Wilkinson

Lisa Wilkinson

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