Quit Your Smoking Addiction with Acupuncture

“I only smoke a couple a day (cough). How much is a couple? 15, Okay maybe 20 (cough). I really don’t enjoy them anymore. So why do you continue to smoke?”

Sound Familiar? Quitting smoking is one of the hardest but also most rewarding things you’ll ever do. Your physical and mental health will instantly improve.

Here are some numbers to digest

1 in every 2 smokers will die of a tobacco-related disease

Most smokers (83%) regret that they ever started smoking and would not smoke if they had the choice again.

Smoking takes 10 to 15 years quality years off your life.

Every 6.5 seconds someone in the world dies from tobacco use = 1.5 million people die needlessly each year.

Every cigarette a person smokes reduces his/her life by five and a half minutes.

In Ireland, smoking is the leading cause of avoidable death. Nearly 5,500 people die in Ireland each year from the effects of smoking and thousands of others are ill because of smoking-related diseases.

Here’s what a 20 a day smoker spends each week, month & year

Cost per week: €70

Cost per month: €303

Cost per year: €3650

Enough numbers & words. Take a look at this!


How we can help

So you’ve tried patches, gum, inhalers but to no avail. If you have a genuine desire to quit smoking It’s time to take a more holistic approach. Acupuncture is a natural way to help you curb your craving for nicotine. If you are trying to quit smoking acupuncture (sometimes along with Chinese herbs) will offer relief, especially in the acute phase of withdrawal when you’re wrestling fatigue, irritability, and cravings.

Some people try acupuncture because they cannot tolerate the drugs used for tobacco cessation. Unlike prescription medications, acupuncture has no side effects. In fact, it is very common to notice side benefits, like improvements in sleep or mood.
We use Acupuncture as part of an overall strategy to quit smoking and to balance your health in general.

Commonly, patients report

fewer cravings

decreased irritability

improved mood

improved bowel movements

improved sleep

The length, number, and frequency of treatments may vary. Typical treatments last around 30 minutes, with the patient being treated once or twice a week.

Some symptoms are relieved after the first treatment, while severe or chronic ailments often require multiple sessions. Eventually, visits are discontinued when one is tobacco-free.

Booking your appointment

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