Alternative Remedies to Beat Colds & Flu’s

Is it just us or has every other person got a heavy cold / man flu? The A&E departments are over flowing with flu stricken patients. So what can you do to prevent yourself from coming down with a bad dose?

1 Appropriate clothing – The weather is very changeable at the moment so it’s easy to get caught off guard. Layers are good and always have a hat and umbrella with you. Getting a chill or a soaking will leave you wide open to illness.

2 Plenty of rest – Sleep is when our body repairs itself. Early nights are your friend! The Christmas holidays have thrown our sleep patterns out the window and we have all succumbed to box set addiction. It’s time to get back to our pre-Christmas sleeping pattern.

3 Vitamin C– If you can feel a cold starting taking some high dose vitamin C can be very effective. There are a variety of different types of vitamin C on the market but the best one to ward off a cold is Magnesium ascorbate. It’s the most bioavailable form (easily used by your body) in 1000mg tablets. Take after eating for optimum efficiency.

4 If your cold is well underway – Lots of warm fluids and rest areLemon-Ginger-Tea your best option. We understand if you really, really have to go to work. Working from home can be a good option as your colleagues probably don’t want your germs.
Warm drinks such as honey and lemon are great. The honey soothes sore throats and the lemon has extra vitamin C. Add a slice of fresh ginger for it’s warming and antiviral properties. Fresh or dried turmeric is a natural anti- inflammatory if your chest is affected. It works best with a pinch of black pepper. You can also add a dash of whiskey into the mug before bed to help you sleep.

5 Vicks / Olbas Oil / Tiger Balm are excellent ways to help clear nasal congestion. It’s one of the worst symptoms of a cold. Small amounts on the temples, rubbed on the chest or steam inhalation all work really well. For little ones a small drop of oil on a tissue left on the warm radiator will infuse their bedroom and ease the night time sniffles.

Look after yourselves and wrap up well! To book an appointment any of our clinics therapists please call 01 677 9859 or email

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