Connect with the heart – Cacao Ceremony

What is a Cacao Ceremony?

This sacred Cacao ceremony invites you to transcend your conscious mind and enter a realm of deep focus and relaxation within your heart. By soothing your nervous system, you’ll unlock your internal compass and find the clarity to move forward on your true path. Embark on a journey of meditation, relaxation, poetry, gentle movement, and pure rejuvenation. Throughout the ceremony, you’ll have the opportunity to journal your thoughts and insights, capturing any revelations that arise. Additionally, we’ll introduce powerful manifestation tools to utilize when your heart is open and at peace.

The Benefits of Ceremonial Cacao:

  • Abundant in antioxidants (40 times more than blueberries)
  • Reduces inflammation in the body
  • Enhances mood, balances mood swings, and promotes overall well-being and happiness
  • A rich source of plant-based iron
  • Magnesium-rich for a healthy heart and brain
  • Combats fatigue and boosts energy levels
  • Supports heart health
  • Enhances skin appearance
  • Helps prevent premature aging

Let yourself pause, reconnect and listen to your own inner knowledge

Join Amanda for a transformative cacao ceremony that promises to uplift, relax, and motivate you on your journey towards embracing your true and authentic self. By indulging in the powerful natural drink, Cacao, you’ll tap into your heart’s wisdom and silence the negative self-talk that plagues your mind.

During this immersive 2-hour workshop, you’ll not only explore the physical benefits of cacao but also experience its profound impact on your mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Take a pause from the chaos of life, reconnect with your inner self, and harness your inner knowledge to empower yourself for the future.

Please Note: If you have a heart condition, are taking MAOI’s, or are pregnant or breastfeeding, kindly inform us in advance so that we can adjust your cacao dosage accordingly.

Investment: €39 for the 2-hour workshop (includes 2 cups of cacao)
Date & Time: Sunday, July 16th, 2:00-4:00pm

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