Neuromuscular Activation

Neuromuscular Activation

What Is Neuromuscular Activation?

Neuromuscular Activation is a system that addresses muscle imbalance and function. Developed by South African Physiotherapist and Kinesiologist Douglas Heel, and used by therapists, trainers, athletic coaches, and doctors worldwide. It is a revolutionary approach to correcting musculoskeletal problems.

In addition to the above, Neuromuscular Activation also works in the visual field. Visual field work is important for coordination. It’s how our brain processes the things we see. In some people, the messages can be disrupted or slow which means that we might have a blind spot. This makes us vulnerable in daily life and during sports.

How Does It Work?

Neuromuscular Activation, stimulates the nervous system ‘like putting a fuse back into broken electrical circuit’. It can quickly break common patterns of movement dysfunction and reduces pain. Once Activated the results are measurable and immediate. Clients report they feel lighter, stronger, more balanced and can breathe better.

Who Is It For?

This treatment is for everyone. From managing pain and injuries to Pro Athletes prepping for an event.

What Happens On My First Visit?

At the first consultation, a detailed history is taken. This will enable Bev to figure out what’s happening within your body and why. She’ll assess your breathing and where necessary, she’ll teach you how to breathe better before moving into further testing.


Once effective breathing is established, Bev will look at what your body is doing now. She’ll work through a series of simple tests to measure strength, power, flexibility and balance. This will establish a baseline so that you can compare what happens next. The activations involve stimulating muscles and specific ‘activation points’ in the body. These activations override defensive muscle patterns that usually make us stiff and tight – soon muscles start doing their own job, rather than someone else’s, when this happens you will see and feel the difference immediately.

How Long Does Activation Last?

Everyone is different, we need to teach the body new patterns of movement, some people have significant gains and build the new patterns effortlessly while others need regular intervention and reminding. This is why part of the process of a Neuromuscular ActivationTreatment includes teaching you the client, a simple sequence so that you can take over the job and self­-activate as and when you need to, thus taking steps to take care of your own well-being.


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