Rolfing: Easing Scar Tissue Discomfort Through Massage

Rolfing: Easing Scar Tissue Discomfort Through Massage

A few words from our resident Rolfing therapist, Caitriona Foley

In my time as a Rolfer, I have seen many clients who have had their appendix removed.  This often occurs in childhood or during their teenage years. This obviously is a very necessary operation and is often life-saving.

But sometimes there can be unexpected side effects. It is necessary to cut through the abdominal walls to reach the appendix and after the fact, patients have to grow around the scar tissue. This can cause pulling and tightening around the scar tissue and as the patients grow this tightening or snags and this can create a shortening through the musculature. This is similar to a tear or snag in a woolly jumper which can create a run through the front or back depending on where it is.

 Effects of Abdominal Incisions

The effect of this tightening or “run” through the tissue can be a sense of discomfort around the scar area or abdominal discomfort with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) like symptoms. Our trunks are very well packed spaces and the air pressure in there allows all the organs to work effectively in a very tight space. When an incision is made the air pressure changes and as a result, abdominal adhesions can occur which can impact the functionality of the stomach, intestines and other internal organs.

How Can Rolfing Help?

Gentle effective hands-on work can be completed on the scar tissue to “unstick” the stuck down layers. Often times it is necessary to work all around the abdominals in order to free the layers of muscle that have been stuck down. The body has the capacity to adjust around anything but sometimes it need help unknot from that adjustment.

Rolfers are trained to free the layers of muscle allowing them to return to their best level of functionality often times relieving old nagging symptoms that have just become part of life.

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About the author: Caitriona Foley

Caitriona Foley

Caitriona is a certified Rolfer from the European Rolfing Association with over 6 years Rolfing experience in a clinical practice. She has extensive technical expertise in anatomy, physiology, psychology, movement practice and postural realignment. She treats a wide variety of musculoskeletal complaints including backache, neck pain, pregnancy-related pains, all types of joint or muscle injuries alongside sporting injuries. She has worked with clients to address issues related to trauma, car accidents, postoperative pain, sports injuries repetitive strain injury and habitual bad posture. Caitriona is the mother of 3 beautiful children and is passionate about supporting mothers through any issues they may be having.

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