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Naturopathy & Nutrition

I attended Kevin Callan’s “New Year, New You” healthy eating course, and I can honestly say that it was life changing for me. Kevin provided us with a clear explanation of why we should make changing our eating habits a priority, and more importantly, gave us clear,simple steps on how to do so, which I was able to put into practice right away. I particularly liked Kevin’s holistic approach, drawing attention to the connection between physical, emotional and spiritual health. Kevin has a lovely warm, witty personality, which made his classes particularly enjoyable. He has such a breadth of knowledge and is obviously passionate about what he does. The sense of vitality and energy I have from putting Kevin’s advice into practice is beyond all expectations. I would encourage anyone looking for similar to enroll on Kevin’s next healthy eating programme. Who knows, it might change your life too! Deirdre Wynter

I attended Kevin for dietary advice. I was very happy with my visit and found Kevin’s approach wonderful. He was very interested in understanding my specific dietary / health issues and was a great, empathetic listener. He’s particularly talented in communicating and explaining how our systems work and advising on how our diet can help us to be healthier. Highly recommended! Claire


I was first introduced to working with Mags, after a recommendation from a friend, for some homeopathic treatment and craniosacral work.  I’d been caught in a particularly difficult bout of depression, had been trying to work through things on my own accord, but was very much stuck in a rut. After the very first session with Mags I experienced quite a dramatic shift in both my mind and body to great effect.  I’ve been having both homeopathic and cranio treatments on and off for nearly a year now with Mags and can wholeheartedly recommend her and her practices to anyone – she is professional, open, warm, compassionate…I’ve been made to feel incredible comfortable and safe in my treatments whilst exploring some tough issues, but am pleased to say it has been quite an amazing journey that Mags has been able to offer. If you are thinking of following a course of therapies with Mags, be open yourself, have faith you are working with someone that has your best intentions at heart and feel lucky to be working with someone special. Sam


Jonathan Wills has been treating my daughter since she was 3 months old. She was diagnosed with gastric reflux and mild flathead. We have met Jonathan regularly for a bit more than 6 weeks and she has successfully improved since her first session. Jonathan provided her with a fantastic service. Because of her young age, my daughter would not cooperate much during her treatments. Jonathan was really good with her, understanding her needs and her moods. His kind and professional attitude, makes you feel really comfortable and tranquil. You really feel, you are in good hands.
Stefania Margiotta

I have been treated by Jonathan Wills for a recurrent problem in my back. I wasn’t sure what the problem was so I decided to turn to osteopathy to see if it could help me with the pain, and I’m glad to confirm that it has been successful since I haven’t suffered from the same pain again. Jonathan was very understanding of the problem and I found his methods very professional, and the exercises given were easy to follow and very helpful. I was very impressed also at the prompt reply in accommodating a last minute request. From my positive experience I have no hesitation in recommending Jonathan Wills to anyone who would need osteopathy as their treatment.  Monica Rossi

The treatments from Jonathan were good. I was in quite a lot of pain during my first two sessions and he was still able to find a way to work with my hip which was rehabilitative. One of the aspects of Jonathan’s treatments which was very good in terms of my ongoing maintenance of my hip issue was his focus on educating me around other muscles, etc, which could benefit from being strengthened through stretching, etc. This will really help me manage my hip going forward. Jonathan was very generous in extending our sessions when my hip was particularly painful and it was often closer to the hour which I think is reasonable for €60. At the end of my treatments my hip was a lot stronger and the inflammation was hugely reduced. I certainly would recommend Jonathan. He is professional, effective and personable. Patricia

I was suffering from a very painful bursitis in my shoulder for a few months and after trying a couple of physiotherapists (without appreciable results) I decided to make an appointment with Jonathan at The elbowroom Clinic. From the very first time I had the impression of a very professional and qualified person very focused on finding the best outcome for my problem and in the quickest way.
After few appointments and constantly following Jonathan tips I finally solved my shoulder problem, the pain was completely gone. Jonathan’s treatment has been very effective. Jonathan might be a little bit more expensive compared to others but in my opinion price matters when you don’t solve your problem and this was not my case. I personally regret the money I spent before finding Jonathan without any result.The outcome of the treatments was the best possible, the pain is gone and I still feel great. I have already recommended Jonathan’s services to friends and family. Matteo

‘My experience was that we were met by Jonathan in a warm and friendly atmosphere in the elbowroom clinic. The initial consultation was thorough and the findings were explained in a way that was understandable as was the proposed course of treatments to remedy the presenting problems. The results from the treatments (and the homework given) were evident very quickly. The cost was very reasonable and the time allocated to pay attention to detail in the sessions was considerable, as were Jonathan’s expertise. I would have no hesitation in recommending Jonathan and indeed The elbowroom to my friends and family.’ Tony


‘I have suffered with irritable bowel syndrome for 3 years and had tried everything from medication to eliminating different foods from my diet to reiki but nothing worked. I had numerous GP and specialists visits, and had a series of tests carried out but all the results came back with no abnormalities. However I felt there was something seriously wrong with me as I woke up every morning with pains in my stomach and struggled to find the energy to get through the day. I also felt extremely anxious and nervous, just not quite right.
I visited Kevin Callan for acupuncture in December 2011 and have been feeling better ever since. Along with the acupuncture Kevin gave me practical advice, such as diet and lifestyle tips. He spent a lot of time explaining the reasons why I feel the way I do, which helps me manage my symptoms. Kevin seemed to truly understand why I was feeling this way and for the first time I felt I was getting the help I needed.
I felt a difference after the first session. I no longer have the pains and bloating or the anxious feelings. Overall I feel a lot better and more like myself. I found Kevin to be highly professional and genuine. I enjoyed my treatments and will continue with them for the future. I would have no hesitation in recommending Kevin as an acupuncturist and would advise anyone suffering from IBS to make an appointment.’ 

‘I attended Kevin for treatment for chronic IBS, which was extremely debilitating and had been causing me severe pain and discomfort for many years. I had almost constant nausea, cramps and reflux. Kevin recommended a detox programme with supplements to aid and repair my digestive system, along with a course of acupuncture which boosted my health and well-being. The detox was simple and straightforward, focussing on healthy foods.
Much to my amazement, after three months my symptoms virtually disappeared. Six months on I feel wonderful. The relief after so many years of suffering is profound. Above all, Kevin’s empathetic, positive approach is so encouraging and supportive. From the first I felt reassured that his holistic programme would bring benefits – and so it did!‘   Marianne

‘I am always satisfied with Kevin’s treatment. The treatment is highly effective, it produces good results and his useful advice was also followed. The price is very reasonable and the outcome is beneficial.
I would recommend Kevin’s services to anybody (which I already have) especially to deaf people because he is very patient with his communication and communication is more accessable with him.Mary

Kevin treated me with both acupuncture and advice around diet and relaxation. I found the sessions with Kevin great – the acupuncture helped me to relax and the diet advice was amazing. I am still following his diet advice 5 months later and it helps me to feel much better than I had been. Kevin referred me to a herbalist who has also been a great help also. I still have some health issues but find now that they are much reduced. The work with Kevin has helped me change my lifestyle for the better. The costs were reasonable for the treatment and I
would certainly recommend his services to friends and family. Clodagh

I have been going to see Kevin Callan on and off for over a year and a half. I have always found the whole service personable, professional and very effective. Kevin himself is a very knowledgeable man and a great listener, always accommodating, flexible, and understanding of each persons situation. I have also found his prices very reasonable.
As a person, I found him kind, gentle, compassionate and trusting. During
any session, feeling relaxed, looked after, and in safe hands comes high on my agenda of importance, and coupled with Kevins experience and vast knowledge, I can only recommend him highly. I always look forward to my next session. Libby

I found Kevin very helpful and he explained everything in detail of what had gone wrong with my digestive system.  The doctor and consultant I saw didn’t half explain it.The cost of the consultation and treatments were within budget as I thought they’d be extremely expensive and he had everything at the clinic which was great.  After a few
weeks my condition is settling down and I’m much better than I was, thanks to Kevin’s help. I’ve already recommended Kevin to friends and family and would advise anyone with digestive problems to go to him. Patricia

Physical therapy

‘The treatment I received was extremely effective. I was able to notice a difference after one or two appointments with Ciarán. The rates charged are reasonable and I was happy to pay them for the service received. The outcome of my treatment is that I am now better able to manage my condition due to tips and exercises recommended to me by Ciaran. I would be more than happy to recommend Ciaran to my friends and family. He is friendly, professional and gave me lots of good advice!’ Maeve-Anne

‘I first went to the Clinic for a postural assessment with Ciarán mainly due to curiosity but also increasing neck and shoulder pain. Ciarán talked me through proper posture, how mine was deviated from normal and showed me how I should be holding myself in the correct posture. Resulting from this I decided to avail of some treatment in the Clinic.On the first treatment we sat down and discussed all the aches and pains I was experiencing and he worked out a treatment plan based on this. He was very attentive and kind and listened carefully while I was speaking. Once treatment began he was very professional, he told me what he was hoping to achieve and what I was likely to feel as a result of treatment.
During the sessions he made sure I was feeling ok and was very chatty and friendly. I was given exercises to do at home which were carefully explained and demonstrated. At the start of each return visit he asked how I was getting on and if the treatments had helped.I am still going to treatments and look forward to them as I feel I am in good hands and know I get relief from my aches and pains! The cost of the treatments are very reasonable, and I wouldn’t have returned if the service provided was not up to scratch. I would definitely, and have recommended Ciarán’s services to others, even just for a postural assessment as it has helped me out so much. A very personal,
friendly and professional service is provided at The elbowroom Clinic.’ Zita

Not only is the treatment truly therapeutic, it’s also a way for the client to learn how the body works and how to take care of it, in response to an injury or the advance of years.The cost is a measure of the skills and the qualifications which the practitioner brings, to the client’s benefit. For me, the physical therapy treatments bring a deep sense of comfort, which I can achieve during the day or during the night with the methods I have learnt from Ciarán. I would highly recommend Ciarán’s services, his friendly manner, and his healing touch, to my family members and friends, as a worthwhile investment in personal health and wholeness.’ Mark

‘I have suffered with back pain for well over a decade, going from physiotherapist to physiotherapist, never really completely fixing the problem. I’m delighted to say that finally, thanks to the treatment I have received from Ciarán, I’m definitely on the mend. The treatment, exercises and encouragement I have received really has helped my recovery.
I would not hesitate to recommend Ciarán and the team in the elbowroom clinic to any friends and family, thanks guys!’ Fintan


‘I injured my neck/left shoulder in late November. It was the first time I had injured anything in my life. I saw a member of a very established Dublin physio company. They gave me great relief from the pain, but the injury reoccurred twice when I went back to training. I found this very frustrating so I decided to look for another physio.
A friend suggested The Elbowroom Clinic. She felt The Elbowroom would be good because its primarily a yoga/pilates studio, and there would be more chance of being shown some rehabilitative exercises as a result.
I had 3 sessions with Simon. I was very happy with the assessment in particular compared to my previous physio sessions.
The difference was because Simon took his time before starting into treating the injury. I felt that the focus was on sorting out my shoulder, rather than on how much you were paying and the length of time you are booked in for. Simon also asked me to come in to show me the correct form for the exercises he prescribed, free of charge, which I really appreciated. My neck has become a lot stronger and I have had no pain since. Hopefully I wont have to get physio again, but if I do I will be going straight to Simon!’  Richie

I’m definitely finding the treatment effective as I’m getting better all the time. He uses various techniques that is not your ‘classic physio’ which I think is a positive addition to the therapy.  The cost is reasonable indeed and I would definitely recommend him to friends as I like his easy going manner and his professionalism. Nicola

I had been to other chartered physios before with the same injury and had no luck. I have had the best results since visiting Simon. He was the most detailed with my initial consultation and during every session to fully understand the problem. The sessions themselves eased my discomfort greatly. The exercises Simon gave were particularly catered for my lifestyle. I was a regular medium distance runner for years and had to stop running due to my injury. Since visiting Simon, I am able to run again. The costs were reasonable too. I was recommended to visit Simon from a family member and have since recommended him to a friend who is also very happy with the results. Justine

Relaxing Massage

I really enjoyed Una’s massage. Peaceful and relaxing in a very nice environment. Looking forward to my next one! Claire

Sports Massage

Brilliant. Really happy with treatment from Una Cashin. Had a bad back from sport and it was relieved straight away. Emma Brennan


I had actively been trying to get pregnant for over 12 months and had been attending various acupuncture techniques and other alternative therapies in that time. Two reflexology sessions with Una I was pregnant! I have continued to rely on Una’s ‘healing hands’ throughout my pregnancy and can honestly say it has been a wonderful journey and a wonderful pregnancy. Una has a calm, connecting, reassuring, and professional manner and I feel amazing after each session – relaxed but also energetic, balanced and completely rejuvenated. Before attending reflexology I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it and whether it would be for me. Now I recommend Una to everyone and wholeheartedly believe in the benefits and theory underlying reflexology. Karinda Tolland

The elbowroom has an extensive range of classes for all ages and abilities. We offer such an eclectic mix to enable you to find something that will suit you. If you need any advice, please contact our class advisor who can point you in the right direction.