Work : Life Balance

The elusive work life balance that is much talked about, but the reality of it probably eludes most of us.  So how do you know if your Work:Life balance is totally out of whack?

Think of something nice like a hair appointment or a massage…. is the next thought in your head “I don’t have time for “?  If so then you have a problem.

Stress is sneaky. We need a certain amount of it to keep us on our toes, but it creeps up little by little, like the sand in an old fashioned egg timer. Until suddenly it all becomes too much.

To manage your stress and keep an eye on it requires stopping regularly to check in and see how you feel. It’s a skill that you have to learn. So things like yoga, meditation, massage, reflexology, tai chi, things that require you to slow down teach you this skill.  If you do them regularly managing your stress gets easier.

DIY or book an appointment?

The internet is full of information about reflexology and acupressure that you can do for yourself. As a reflexologist, massage therapist and student acupuncturist I’m queen of the self fix, like many of my colleagues. But to be really honest. It doesn’t work, you get temporary relief.
Nothing but nothing beats going for a proper session. The difference being that you completely relax and let someone else take care of you for a little while.

I know how hard it is when you are busy to grab that hour just for you, but it really, really is worth it.

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