What juicer should I get?

There are two types of juicers on the market, but What juicer should I get?. This post is going to talk about a couple of great (but pricy) ones. We would love if you can comment below and recommend other juicers that you may use to other readers and suit any budget.

Centrifugal – These cut the produce and spin around at great speed propelling the juice out. These juicers are traditionally faster, can take large bits of fruit/veg,  but take out less juice and cause some oxidation of the juice.

Masticating  – These juicers are the ones us real juicing nerds use. They are slower, normally need you to chop up the food. But they do produce a more nutrient dense juice with less oxidation.

Hurom has recently brought out a fantastic new masticating juicer called the Hurom 700, you can read more about this here on this website – http://www.juicers.ie/hurom-hu-700-slow-juicer-premium-hh-series-silver-chrome-hh-dbg06-Ireland/

This is a variation of the one I have been using for the last 4 years with no problems. Other than the juice being a little pulpy after 2 years. I just strain it now. Takes longer again. But the juice is delicious. This is an upgraded model and I will be demonstrating in our juicing events.

This product retails for €399, this includes free delivery in Ireland on a 2 day service, from what we can tell this is the best price in all of Europe at the moment! (its £349 /€420 in the UK).

The Samson 6 in 1 (€209) and Samson Advanced (€249) are hard to beat – http://www.juicers.ie/products/Samson-Advanced-Series-Multi-Purpose-Juice-Extractor-GB-9005-and-GB-9006.html

Special offer from Juicers.ie

The first 10 elbowroom customers €25 off the Hurom 700 by using the following discount code on their website – M9Y44HA8889

And a  €20 off the Samson Juicers by using the following discount code on their website – NSUD79YR1QRG

Please recommend any juicers that you currently use to our readers. Happy Juicing.

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