Get Cuddly With Your Bundle Of Joy

Infant Massage enhances bonding

Infant Massage is a brilliant bonding tool for you to communicate with your baby.   The benefits of a soothing massage helps relieve discomfort from gas, colic & constipation, improves blood circulation & boosts their immune system.  Increasing alertness & awareness.


Essential one-on-one time will enhance intimacy, understanding and ability to nurture. See this great clip on the benefits and some tips on how to start massage.

We can teach you how to reduce stress hormones, stimulate growth and promote healthy development for baby’s body, mind & spirit.

Massage helps baby release stress which builds daily from new experiences, a relaxed baby sleeps easier which means more zzz’s for you!!
The best time to start is when the baby is older than 4 weeks. But any age baby will benefit.  Though pre crawlers only please – massage oil + wriggly baby = tricky combo!!

Our 5 week courses have a limited capacity of 10 places per course.

Advance booking is advised as classes fill up.


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