Turning a Breech Baby with Acupuncture

How can I help turn my breech or transverse baby?

Week 34

A baby starts to migrate head down from about the 28th week. If the baby is still not head down by week 34 you should probably look into doing something to encourage them.

How to Help

There are many things you can do to help turn a baby who hasn’t gone head down yet. These include

  • Dropping to all fours and putting your chest on the floor when you feel your baby moving.
  • Having your pelvis checked for any misalignment by an osteopath and corrected. A misaligned pelvis can change the shape of the uterus making it unfavourable for your baby’s head.
  • Use acupuncture and moxibustion (the application of heat) for 14 days continuously.

Here at The elbowroom clinic, we provide acupuncture services including moxibustion sticks so you can do the treatment yourself at home.

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