A recipe for peak sporting performance: 5 ingredients

It’s no coincidence that a vast array of elite athletes that excel in their sport use PILATES as an integral part of their training. Read this post to see how it works and how it can improve your personal performance.

Lets start with the A-list. Ryan Giggs, Tiger Woods, David Beckham. Oh and Roger Federer, Serena Williams, the players of Spurs and AC Milan… and thousands more.

5 Ingredients of a pilates course

  1. How to exercise and perform with a neutral spine
  2. Correct breathing to optimise muscular performance
  3. Building lean intrinsic muscle: gain strength AND endurance 
  4. Co-ordination of movement with breath
  5. How to gain where it matters: Powerhouse muscle groups – Abs, quads, glutes, triceps/biceps.

What do you gain?

  • Power : Increased Core strength AND building long muscle fibres
  • Enhanced balance and control for quick reaction and direction change
  • Improved flexibility and stability of upper torso for greater control and velocity (golf, tennis, baseball, etc.)
  • Reduced back injuries by increasing flexibility and ability to support back using abdominal muscles
  • Improved focus and concentration
  • Improved fitness, performance and injury correction

The best way to start is to get the basics right. Join a foundation Pilates course to improve and lengthen your sporting life. 

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