5 reasons to do the Human Energy Systems Yoga Training

Because Reconnecting with your Self

Nobody is coming to save the day, or to reward you, for playing small, or good. The spiritual teachings and practices directly connect you to your seat of inner power, to the profound knowing of who are, and how to consciously use this immense power and life-giving energy that lives through you, in your daily life, for creating in alignment with your heart, and truth. The power of all of creation IS available to you, within yourself. Will you claim it, through direct action, and stand in its power?  The teachings and practices only work if you actually spend real time, with your body and mind, actually doing them. That’s why we’re doing in this training.


Because Retreat: time & space away from the habits of daily life

Step out of the automatic, hidden patterns that operate your daily life and into time, space, wisdom and community created solely for the purpose of personal and spiritual empowerment; self-reflection, healing, being, listening, receiving, nurturing. Being with your essence, receiving who you are, is the most powerful and regenerative action you can undertake. It provides your physiology a chance to truly reset from merely surviving the multiple, and often hidden stresses of daily life. It is such a beautiful chance to assess your life from a perspective of non-judgment; from love, clarity and truth; to assess what is really going inside, to honestly look at what drives you, and to have the space for deeper truths and new inspiration, even healing energy, to surface in your awareness. Choices and actions coming you’re your inner truth are powerful and life-changing.

Because Quantum Physics

Everything is energy. We know this now, that atoms are made up of 99.9999 empty space and that physical matter is electrons flying around. Nothing is fixed, and indeed as the old yoga teachings say, reality is an illusion. But not really, eh? You still experience it!!  Energy flows where attention goes, meaning what you focus on, WITHIN, the track that is often unconsciously playing, is what you ‘create’, or more accurately, what you experience, as your reality. And as the yoga teachings say, the power to transform this experience, ie to change the physiology and psychology and as a consequence, your experience is within. We find it in our capacity to chose where we place our attention. You DO have the capacity to make powerful changes in areas of life, AND it can take a gargantuan effort… but there are simple tools, and it’s so much easier coming together in community and taking the leap.

Because Tools and Comprehensive Understanding Empowers You as a Human and as a Teacher.

Having a clear intellectual and intuitive understanding of the principles and laws of nature that govern the movement of energy in the human experience is vital. The repeated practice of effective tools to interact with these principles hugely EMPOWERS you to use this body of work in your own practice and teachings. When you see and embody the actual effects of what can often be understood as mere theory or philosophy, the teachings come alive within you, you are connected to the Source of infinite inspiration; this is what is known as transmission. It is vital, if you are a teacher, or working with clients, to know the difference in energy between sharing survival or coping skills developed in the struggle with one’s own many layers of personal challenge in life, and the clear teachings, that create powerful results for your self, your students and client. With knowledge and practice you learn the ability to always stand in truth and to draw your energy from your highest Self, and Source, alone. This is how you do not burn out as a teacher.

Because Beyond Asana

Asana is a fabulous set of intelligent tools and here we get to dive into to true magic of this practice! You’ll learn the deeper energetic effects of individual asana, and also understand their relevance in use, to the whole.

There really is no fluff involved in the spiritual tools and practices, nor is there any mystery as their effect; confusion only arises when they get intermingled with strands of ego in their delivery.  The practical application of tools for spiritual and personal growth do produce real results. Yes, there is the breaking open, the movement of energy and emotions, the experience of all sorts of altered states and higher consciousness to be sure. This is natural, nothing to be afraid of, and also nothing to hold up as special. We are all energy lumped together in various forms. We all have the capacity to affect those forms. Immense power, ecstatic bliss, clarity and loving action in real life, this is not a mystery, reserved for a few. The teachings exist for your empowerment, for your gradual and intelligent coming into power and knowledge of who you are.  Waste no more time wallowing in the nostalgia of pretend confusion. Come home, to this present moment, of you as unbridled pure potential.

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