A New Moon with Martha Ryan

We all know about the full moon; it’s beaming visibility through the night sky sends passer-buyers into utter stillness and awe. But what about the new moon? Equally as important, if not more so, the new moon represents a new beginning, a new chapter that we are lucky enough to embark upon every 28 days.

Each phase of the moon comes with its own vibe, it’s own energy – this is influenced by how illuminated it is and also what zodiac it falls under. This month, Sagittarius is holding the moon captive and we can all breathe a sigh of relief. Sagittarius represents our fun, wild-hearted, adventurous side. It’s no wonder it’s also the beginning of Silly Season!

A new moon is the time of the month where we can set intentions for what we seek to manifest for the month ahead. This very special new moon on 7th December will affect each person differently depending on one’s own astrological makeup and which house Sag’ lies in for you, however when the new moon lands here once a year, it brings a unique energy that is expansive, honest, care-free and visionary – this means taking the opportunity to look beyond our every day lives and search for the real meaning. Broaden your horizons this month by following your passion! He’s also known as the explorer of the zodiac, so plan your next adventure now, while the skies are on your side!

Sagittarius is all about publishing – so if you’ve been intending to publish something, now is your chance! It’s not just your mind that this moon will effect, however, as Sagittarius rules our thighs & hips. So whether dancing under a disco ball or bending yourself into a pretzel, hip openers are essential this month to let go of tension. Hint: We know a place!

Remember, like attracts like, so truly envision what you hope to manifest in the next 4 weeks during this playful month as we can finally let go of what no longer serves us, shedding this past year’s experience and preparing ourselves for what lies ahead….

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