Pilates for Men

Pilates has plenty of benefits for men, whether you are trying to get into shape, into your weights or training for a marathon, Pilates can help you to fine-tune your performance.

It’s also being used more often by professional athletes as “prehab” (preventative exercises). If your body is functioning correctly then you are stronger when an external force, such as a tackle is exerted. You’ll be able to maintain better balance and are less likely to become injured.

Pilates exercises are made up of subtle concentrated movements that will help you to

  • Develop often neglected muscle groups. Some muscles are stronger than others. Pilates targets the muscles that don’t typically get a lot of attention. It emphasises developing core strength in the deep muscles of the centre to stabilise the trunk and protect the back.
  • Improve flexibility. Pilates focuses on stretching which helps to prevent injuries and muscle strains and can increase one’s range of motion. Increasing flexibility is a goal that pilates also addresses in a way that men often feel more comfortable with. it works towards functional fitness ( the ability to move with strength, balance and flexibility) allowing you to move with grace and ease without trying to get you to stretch and contort into weird shapes.
  • Helps correct lower back pain issues caused by typical male-orientated sway back postures.
  • Build core strength.  Pilates emphasises using your core strength to power movement in your limbs.  It also hits your transverse abdominals, the muscles underneath your 6 pack.
  • Focus. Pilates forces you to pay attention, you’ve got to focus on your breath while working through each movement and concentrating on proper form.
  • Extra benefits.  By strengthening your core and pelvic floor gives you greater control of this region of the body, guys do we need to spell this one out for you?

Pilates is a great foundation for whole-body fitness and cross-training with other sports and exercise. Our next Pilates foundation courses start on Monday 6th January 20:30 & Wednesday 15th January 20:30. It runs for 4 weeks if you want to try adding it to your fitness routine.


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