Seasonal Kundalini explained

So you’ve recently started your Kundalini practice but are unsure what seasonal change and Kundalini have to do with each other. Here’s a short piece that will help explain:

Seasonal Kundalini Yoga is about practicing Yoga in tune with nature. The aim is to enhance the natural balance of the body and mind through Yogic exercises and meditation that are associated with the season. By working with our dominant organs in we move towards a place of equanimity and peace.

Autumn in the Seasonal Yoga calendar runs all the way until the December Equinox on the 21st. During this time of year, the Lung and Large Intestine are the dominant organs. There is a sense of gathering inwards and it is a perfect time to delve deep into our pranayam practice…Yogic breathwork. We will explore relaxing and energising breathwork along with Yoga Kriya for digestion.  Autumn is also a time of consolidation,  letting go and coming back to the breath. We will move the body, feel the journey of the breath and experience a deep sense of still relaxation. We will connect with an internal point of stillness through the sound of the Gong.

If you haven’t practiced Kundalini yoga before or are relatively new to it you can use this helpful video to practice your breathing in the comfort of your own home:

If you like the idea of practicing Yoga while in tune with nature, Emer Duffy is teaching her Seasonal Kundalini Yoga: Autumn Workshop this coming Sunday the 15th November. Places are limited so advance booking is advised. 10% discount is available for members.

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