Take your fitness to the next level

If you’re a seasoned yogi and ready to increase your fitness, strength and stamina we have just the teacher for you.  Ashling Hughes is one of the most grounded, compassionate teachers you can learn from. She is a passionate Ashtanga practitioner and teacher.  Her fluid dynamic style is the perfect challenge to further your learning.

She will guide you through a sequence of postures. There are 6 sequences in total, each one opening your body up for the next.  This primary series focuses on detoxing the body. This series works to improve physical, emotional, spiritual and mental health. With each step you’ll focus on your breathing, oxygenating your blood, calming your mind.  The last step concentrates on grounding your stability.

Ashling’s top tips

  • No. 1: Don’t be intimidated
  • No. 2: Have a good fitness level
  • No. 3: Pace yourself & perform every pose with equal effort
  • No. 4: Gradually make body adjustments
  • No. 5: Have lots of fun with it
  • No. 6: Practice self-kindness
  • No. 7: Breathe deeply into each pose
  • No. 8: Enjoy the new depths your body will explore

Remember Ashtanga Yoga is the most athletic and physically demanding form of yoga, so enjoy being taught by the best @ our upcoming workshop saturday @ 12.30pm and take your fitness to a whole new level.


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