3 Tips To Help Avoid Back Pain While Breastfeeding

3 Tips To Help Avoid Back Pain While Breastfeeding

After the impact of giving birth, the body has already been through a huge amount of stress and strain. There is a large amount of estrogen in the body which means that everything is extremely elastic. This means that sitting upright is very important to avoid overstraining the lower back.

Here’s 3 simple tips to help you stay pain free while breastfeeding

1 Sit in a chair with a straight back and make sure your bum is against the back of the chair (no slouching). Put a cushion at your lower back to support you if it’s needed and make sure to place your feet flat on the floor.

2 Place your baby on a cushion so he/she is elevated closer to you. This means less strain will be placed on your back. You can buy special pillows (see the picture belowtwin_z_pillow_breastfeeding__03690-1420335510-1280-1280) but a normal one will work just fine.

3 While feeding feel the support between your back and the back of the chair. If you find yourself slouching take that as a sign that you need more rest and make that your priority.

Remember, minded mammy means minded baba – Happy mothering!

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About the author: Caitriona Foley

Caitriona Foley

Caitriona is a certified Rolfer from the European Rolfing Association with over 6 years Rolfing experience in a clinical practice. She has extensive technical expertise in anatomy, physiology, psychology, movement practice and postural realignment. She treats a wide variety of musculoskeletal complaints including backache, neck pain, pregnancy-related pains, all types of joint or muscle injuries alongside sporting injuries. She has worked with clients to address issues related to trauma, car accidents, postoperative pain, sports injuries repetitive strain injury and habitual bad posture. Caitriona is the mother of 3 beautiful children and is passionate about supporting mothers through any issues they may be having.

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