5 Great Ways A Birthing Partner Can Help During Labour

Sometimes partners or dads-to-be make the mistake of thinking they’re pretty useless in the whole birth scenario. The truth is they are paramount to making the birthing woman feel comfortable, confident and secure, which are all key components to a great birthing experience.

Here’s 5 practical things a birthing partner can do to help maintain the birthing mother’s comfort and state-of-mind:

1. Make the birthing environment as calm as possible

Home births tend to be serene and calm as the birthing mama is on her own patch. She is confident, calm and comfortable in her surroundings and this contributes to a great birth. It gets a little trickier in a hospital situation however. So, when you get into the delivery room, have a look and see how you could improve the atmosphere for mum.  Ask for the lights to be dimmed, put on some music she likes and try and keep the room a little oasis of tranquillity.

2. Massage

Once mum is settled in, see if she would like some massage. Labouring mums often like a hard massage on the very base of the spine – rolling a tennis ball on it can be nice Birthing partner Massage(or a massage ball if you’re fancy!).  Another massage that can be lovely a hip compression. This involves squeezing in the hips when mum is experiencing a contraction. It provides a counter pressure which feels really good – just like when you press on your gum if you have a tooth ache.

3. Be funny!

Yes that’s right, work on your comedy routine. Laughing your way through labour is so much more beneficial than being uptight and worried. Think about it, laughter = oxytocin and also laughter is a downward breath and movement of the body, exactly what mum needs to be doing.

4. Be reassuring

Even if mum is doing amazing, she may still look at you with those big puppy dog eyes at some stage during the birth and tell you she can’t do it. Your response here is key “you are doing it!”  “look how amazing you are” “you’re doing amazing, I’m so proud of you”. Once said sincerely, this will give mum such a boost. Don’t be afraid to tell her what an incredible goddess she is!

5. Be knowledgeable

Do your homework. You will feel so much more empowered and confident about birth if you understand the process. You cannot make informed decisions if you have not made yourself informed. Read, take the classes, chat to friends, ask questions – it’s not just her gig!

If you would like to learn more about the process of birth and the huge role you play in it as a birthing partner come to our Preparing for Birth Workshop on November 5th 2016.

Facilitated by Emily, a mum, hypnobirthing devotee and all round birth enthusiast, you will be provided with birthing toolkit of practical tips and techniques to provide you with comfort and confidence throughout your labour.

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