Mummy Tummy Recovery

Mummy Tummy Recovery

When you are pregnant the two muscles (six pack) at the front of the abdomen extend and separate somewhat to accommodate your growing uterus. A thin tissue called the linea alba connects the two muscles together. After your baby is born it will take about 6 weeks for your muscles to go back together.

However, in many women (estimates are up to 65%), the muscles do not come back together.

At The elbowroom, we will happily give you a check to see how your abdominal muscles have healed.
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The issues that arise with the muscles separating may include

  • A bulging abdomen that never appears to return to its normal shape. This is especially true in the lower abdomen and can look like two dangling horns if you bend forward.
  • Lower back pain caused by weakness and lack of support in the abdominal wall.
  • In more severe cases, the stomach can bulge against the gap and cause a hernia of the intestines.

At The elbowroom clinic, we have a treatment plan to bring that gap back together and keep it there. A combination of physical therapy, taping and exercise have successfully closed the gap in each and every woman we have treated to date.

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