The Helpful Breastfeeding Workshop

The Helpful Breastfeeding Workshop
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A hands-on breastfeeding workshop for new mums.

Open to pregnant and new mums – As a mother, one of the best things that only you can do for your baby is to breastfeed. While breastfeeding isn’t the only option for feeding your baby, every mother has the potential to succeed and make it a wonderful experience. This course is a great preparation for succeeding in breastfeeding with real hands-on experience.

The breastfeeding workshop will include

New mums and milk

Breastfeeding in Hospital

Breastfeeding in Hospital

Positions promoting laid-back breastfeeding


Supply and Demand

Feeding at home

Getting support

Preventing problems

Dealing with common issues

When and how often to feed


This workshop is a great opportunity to learn about the fundamentals of breastfeeding or share your breastfeeding tips to other mothers.

The elbowroom has an extensive range of classes for all ages and abilities. We offer such an eclectic mix to enable you to find something that will suit you. If you need any advice, please contact our class advisor who can point you in the right direction.